3 Steps CHROs Can Take to Create a Resilient Culture

Resilience, defined as ‘an ability to recover from or adjust easily to misfortune or change,’ is a highly sought after trait as organizations worldwide lean on their leaders to guide them through today’s crisis. 

However, fostering a leadership environment that allows for resilience and productivity in today’s virtual work environment is no simple task. CEOs are looking to Chief Human Resource Officers (CHROs) to not only ensure organizational productivity, wellbeing, and performance but to build out a resilient workforce. What steps should CHROs take to create this culture, and how can they prevent over-resiliency and burnout of leaders in the long term? 

To answer this question, we pulled insights from 2000+ leaders around the world who are enrolled in ExecOnline® programs. You can find these insights and other notable sources in our recently released white paper,The Problem with Over-Resilience: How CHROs Can Create a Culture of Productivity Without Burnout’

Below are three steps CHROs can take to create a resilient culture that are outlined in the white paper. Be sure to download the full white paper for free today to discover more timely and impactful insights. 

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