ExecOnline’s Development Equity Council

As more organizations commit to increasing diversity at the leadership level, the Development Equity Council is creating strategies to help them live up to their promise.

The Opportunity

Lack of diversity remains a major issue for the C-Suite – with only 3% of Black Americans and just over a quarter of women in senior leadership positions today. We believe that providing equitable access for underrepresented minorities and women to formalized, career-enhancing leadership development opportunities can dramatically move the needle on equity and inclusion.

The Development Equity Blueprint

The Development Equity Council has created an actionable blueprint for organizations looking to develop their leaders equitably. To create substantive, lasting improvements in leadership, organizations must remove bias from selection processes, optimize development opportunity design, and use data to track and benchmark progress.

  • “For development to be a tool to really change the bench, we need to be able to democratize development to our leadership team — it needs to be of exceptional quality with senior exposure and to be rolled out when and where we need it to as many people as need it.”

    CHRO — DEC Member
  • “Equity in leadership development will lead to equity in leadership”

    Stephen Bailey — co-founder and CEO, ExecOnline