Development Equity Council

The Development Equity Council is a collaboratory of workforce leaders from more than 40 organizations on a shared mission of driving progress.

The Council is working together to share insights and create a blueprint that will help companies around the world better understand how to substantially increase the trajectory of women and underrepresented groups into positions of leadership.

Development Equity Defined

ExecOnline created the idea of Development Equity – equal access for underrepresented groups to formalized, career-enhancing development opportunities – to raise awareness of the chief barrier to achieving meaningful leadership diversity.

  • Building the Road Together

    ExecOnline founded the Development Equity Council in 2021 to enable workforce leaders to connect and learn from each other, share perspectives and challenges, and create a pathway for sustainable equity.

  • Formula for Success

    Supporting equitable development enables individuals and their organizations to gain a broader perspective and the leadership skills needed to drive increased engagement and innovation, and increase the possibility for success.

Development Equity Council Members

Development Equity Council members bring with them decades of experience in HR leadership roles within large organizations. But in the uncharted waters of our current times, there’s still much to learn.

At Council meetings, members have the chance to share challenges and insights, and to learn from leading-edge experts on how to break through the many obstacles on this path.

“We need to hold fast to the progress we’ve made and continue building momentum, despite the current economic challenges. We have the opportunity right now to create long-term gains by keeping development equity on business priority lists.”

Adam Brinegar, Ph.D. Head of Research and Advisory, ExecOnline

“For development to be a tool to really change the bench, we need to be able to democratize development to our leadership team. It needs to be of exceptional quality, with senior exposure, and to be rolled out when and where we need it to as many people as need it.”

Missy Hallead Chief People Officer, PowerSchool, Council Member

“Evaluating the effects of a diverse workforce and leadership team should go beyond their importance for a company’s bottom line. We need to also critically examine the societal health around equity and equality. What kind of society do we want to create and live in?”

Brian Lowery Professor of Organizational Behavior, Stanford University

Member Companies Span a Wide Array of Industries

These are just a few of the organizations represented at Council events.

Apply to Join the Council

Who is eligible?

Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officers, Chief Human Resource Officers, Senior HR leaders, and those who lead diversity and inclusion at their organizations.

What is expected of our Council members?

Attend meetings, participate in research initiatives, share challenges and perspectives, and learn and grow together.

What are the benefits of joining the Council?

  • Connection Catalyzer: Engage with this community of progress-focused organizational leaders who gather to network, exchange ideas, learn and share best practices.
  • Leading-Edge Insights: Gain new perspectives on Development Equity from industry leaders and experts.
  • Personal Growth: Support your internal and external brand as a leader in DEIB by increasing your knowledge and ability to drive progress.

How do I contact the Council to learn more?

Contact us at

We welcome new Council members who share our commitment to Development Equity.

Formula for Sustainable Progress

“The Development Equity Council has created an actionable blueprint for organizations looking to develop their leaders equitably. To create substantive, lasting improvements in leadership, organizations must remove bias from selection processes, optimize development opportunity design, and use data to track and benchmark progress.”

-Stephen Bailey, CEO and Co-Founder, ExecOnline