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Our individual, group, and project-based coaching drive personal growth and enhance the impact leaders have on their organizations.

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ExecOnline’s Coaching Amplifies Leaders’ Daily Performance

Actionable Advice from Coaches

ExecOnline’s coach-delivered project feedback is seamlessly integrated with our Applied Experience Platform and Advanced Leader Solutions. Certified coaches provide tailored feedback on participants’ program assignments to accelerate project implementation.

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Assess, Align, then Apply

Designed to enhance skill development across both evergreen and emerging capabilities, ExecOnline’s Leadership Coaching is a series of virtual 1:1 or group sessions that assess your leaders’ capabilities, then dig deep into topics like inclusive leadership, strategic alignment, collaboration and delegation, and more. 90-Day Unlimited Session Engagements and Per-Session Pricing Models are Available.

Create a Bigger Impact

Leaders who receive our Coach-Delivered Project Feedback have a 22% higher ROI from their projects than those who don’t. Leader engagement increases, 94% of leaders say they directly apply learnings from their coaching experiences, and 96% are likely to recommend Leadership Coaching to others.

Coaches Who Have Had Careers

ExecOnline’s coaches are seasoned corporate leaders with world-class educations, diverse backgrounds, and coaching certifications. All coaches complete a rigorous ExecOnline training program to ensure they are experts able to deliver an impactful experience.

What Coaching Is Right for My Team?

Both types of ExecOnline’s Coaching can be valuable for your leaders. Leadership Coaching focuses on participants’ leadership development needs and capability gaps, and does not need to occur in conjunction with an ExecOnline program. Coach-Delivered Project Feedback, however, is focused specifically on participants’ assignments and projects to help them build the best possible final project submission and accelerate project implementation.

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Speak to an expert who can walk you through the ways ExecOnline can benefit you and your teams.

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