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We are a mission-driven team committed to connecting all leaders to their future potential, including yours.

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We are greater than the sum of our parts, and together have the ability to create a meaningful impact in the world.

Everything we do at ExecOnline is anchored in our core values: Be Bold, Lead with Purpose, Collaborate Inclusively, and Act with Integrity.

We embrace our employees’ diverse backgrounds and experiences, and the impact they have on each other and our partners, participants, and society. Oh, and we have a lot of fun doing so!

“Each day I wake up humbled and inspired to lead this mission-driven team committed to making a positive impact– for our clients, participants, and business school partners.”

Stephen Bailey — co-founder and CEO

“What I personally find really motivating and love most about ExecOnline is that – very core to what we do as a learning and development organization – we encourage each other to change and to grow. Every day, we’re learning about ourselves and others.”

Erin Scharling Executive Director, Corporate Partnerships

“I came to ExecOnline because our mission, our offerings, and our client service differentiates us from the market. What keeps me here is the laser focus on raising up every leader – within our client base and with the opportunities given at ExecOnline. “

Smijai Peter Director, Client Advisory

“I have been engaged in education management and edtech for 30 years, and can say with confidence that contributing to the growth of ExecOnline has been the most rewarding professional experience of my life. I am proud to work with our university partners, client organizations, global leaders, and the skilled and energetic ExecOnline team.”

Adam Shapiro Senior Vice President, Product Operations

“What I love about ExecOnline is that no day looks the same–there is always something new to tackle, to learn and grow from. I love that our programs create new ways of thinking or cause participants to lead differently at their organizations. It makes me feel like I’m impacting positive change! And most importantly, I love my team! Their energy and drive inspires me every day with a lot of laughs along the way.”

Caroline Mihok Senior Client Success Manager

“ExecOnline is innovative in product, positive in leadership, and socially responsible in mission. I love being a part of a company that nurtures creative and original ideas while maintaining inclusivity and championing diversity.”

Tiffany Tate Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Specialist

“I built my career at ExecOnline when I started just out of college. I’ve had the opportunity to grow exponentially while making lifelong friends of colleagues and working alongside some of the sharpest people I’ve ever had the chance to know. There’s never a dull day here. ”

Struan Erlenborn Director, Legal Operations

“I heard it said recently from a prospective client:
“We are at an inflection point in the world!”
Yes, this can be said about so many aspects of life–and society. It will take smart, brave, bold people to lead us on a path of growth and transformation. I am honored to have joined such a team at ExecOnline who has captured the essence in its core values.”

Jane Cahill Senior Director, Corporate Partnerships

“The ExecOnline Family is truly the most intelligent and kind group of people to work with – I’m constantly learning from my colleagues, which makes every day and every challenge even more exciting and rewarding.”

Danielle Bensignor Senior Manager, Talent Management

Benefits, Perks, and Resources

We recognize that our employees live full lives– in fact, we encourage them to. We believe we have a responsibility to help employees succeed both inside and outside of work and offer comprehensive benefits, perks, and resources.

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    Embrace Wellness

    Choose from comprehensive medical, dental, and vision plans to best meet your family’s needs.

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    Take Ownership

    All employees receive stock options in our fast-growing, well-funded startup as well as a 401(k) to fit your investment needs.

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    Accelerate Your Career

    Grow your leadership skills by taking any of our high-impact courses.

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    Thrive Beyond Work

    In addition to observed holidays, we offer generous parental leave and PTO, and embrace flexibility – because family and your well-being come first.

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    Succeed from Everywhere

    The future of work is not where you work but how you work. In addition to roles in our New York City and D.C. offices, we have ample opportunities for top talent outside of these two vibrant cities.

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    Find Your Community

    We embrace diversity. Our Employee Resource Groups bring together employees with shared characteristics or life experiences.

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