Special Guest Michael Pickrum Joins the CFO Thought Leader Podcast

Michael Pickrum, COO and CFO of ExecOnline, joined Jack Sweeney as the special guest in the latest episode of CFO Thought Leader. With hundreds of episodes, the mission of CFO Thought Leader is to bring personal firsthand accounts of CFOs who are driving change within their organizations.

Tune in to the full podcast today as Michael covers a variety of topics with Jack, including:

  • The experiences that shaped him and set him up to be a finance leader, including his 17 years working for BET
  • His journey to ExecOnline in 2019 and how ExecOnline is helping people and organizations have the broadest impact they can
  • Why Michael describes himself as a ‘value CFO’ over a ‘cost CFO’
  • The importance of cross-collaboration between finance and other internal departments
  • What advice he would tell his younger self just starting out as CFO
  • and much more!

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