An Inside Look at ExecOnline: A MONEY FM Podcast with Stephen Bailey

Our Founder & CEO, Stephen Bailey, joined Michelle Martin, host of the podcast series “Inspiration,” at MONEY FM 89.3 in Singapore to share how he built ExecOnline, Inc. into the world’s leading online leadership development solution.

Stephen reflected on the opportunities that allowed him to further his education and how his mother, a psychiatrist, inspired him to deliver those same opportunities to individuals all over the world with ExecOnline.

“A lot of her thinking around human interaction has shaped what we do. We work with the best schools in the world, taking that in-person executive education experience that you might have at a Stanford or Wharton or Columbia and bring that fully online and make it available to leaders within organizations. When you’re building those types of experiences, understanding human psychology, understanding how people engage and interact with each other, particularly at a distance, becomes really important to creating the types of compelling and transformative experiences that we create at ExecOnline.”

So what makes ExecOnline a leader in the space? Stephen provides listeners an inside look into the following topics: 

  • The benefits top global business schools see from partnering with ExecOnline.
  • The world-class instructional design that goes into the development of each program. 
  • Examples of company-specific projects that participants in programs are responsible for. 
  • The return on investment that organizations see from these company-specific projects.
  • The difference in cost between ExecOnline programs and traditional on-campus development experiences. 
  • Additional benefits that come from the online learning experience.
  • How the HR landscape is changing and why organizations must ensure talent strategy aligns with company strategy.