Companies Expect Their Leaders To Always Be Learning: A Podcast with Stephen Bailey

Our founder & CEO, Stephen Bailey, recently sat down with Mark Lim for an interview for “Humanizing Learning,” a weekly podcast about succeeding in life by embracing learning.

As a strong advocate for lifelong learning, Stephen explores why it is crucial for organizations to embrace learning and develop the core capabilities of their leaders.

“Humans need structure in a lot of cases to set aside that time and consistently learn. It can take two years or it can take 24 hours, a lot of it is the urgency and the structure. Companies really seize the mantle and say we expect our leaders to always be learning. We expect our leaders to be developing new sets of capabilities, and we’re going to support them with the right set of resources, but along with that comes expectations and accountability. These are the organizations creating leaders of the future.”

So how does ExecOnline help organizations develop their leaders? Stephen explores important topics, including:

  • The benefits that come from the online learning experience and why combining the best schools, the best content, and a ‘learning by doing’ model works.
  • The importance of creating separate tracks for the development of not only leaders but also individual contributors.
  • Three common mistakes that leaders are making today and how these can be prevented.
  • The top skills that all great leaders should develop and the success they can see as a result.
  • Why the ability to access and understand data is crucial today and will continue to be moving forward.

Listen to the full interview here.