How Other Organizations Describe the ExecOnline Advantage

When COVID-19 upended all our lives in the spring, it quickly became evident that most of our day-to-day activities would shift online. Some organizations scrambled to change direction to adapt to this new normal while others accelerated the long-term digital transformation efforts they had planned.

Having pioneered the online B2B leadership development space, at ExecOnline we were already comfortable with delivering high-quality, high-impact online experiences. Despite this, we too found we had to make our own shift: accommodating increased demand.

Our new enrollees were not simply looking for coursework to fill their time. Rather, they were looking ahead and recognizing that the world, and the leaders driving change in it, required a new way of thinking–a new way of learning. Unlike other online learning platforms, ExecOnline invites learners to gain new skills and meet new demands and expectations through our “learn by doing with impact” approach, with each lesson building toward a real-world application.

“There was direct connectivity between what we were trying to propagate in the organization and what ExecOnline offered to us.” –Vicky Greenwood, SVP Human Resources, Konica Minolta

A recent Boston Consulting Group report on C-suite learning advocates for widespread adoption of “a new company-wide strategy that recognizes learning as the internal engine of organizational change and optimal performance.” Furthermore, the report continues to suggest that a company’s commitment to a robust learning ecosystem, and therefore its ability to learn, is the utmost “competitive advantage” in today’s digital age. Fostering that advantage is a key component of what ExecOnline offers.

In addition to the experiential nature of our program–which places theory into practice with real-world impact on a leader’s particular organizational goals–organizations look to us to do what no one else is doing. And that’s identifying the traits that define the leaders of tomorrow and preparing those future-ready leaders through our unparalleled curriculum.

Rather than just taking our word for it, we wanted to share with you some of the thoughts of our ExecOnline customers and partners. Through their words, we hope you’ll recognize the value we bring in building leaders who can guide organizations successfully through both the most promising and the most unprecedented times.


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