Help Shape the Future of ExecOnline – Apply to Become a 2020 ExecOnline Ambassador

Are you a vocal advocate for leadership development? Do you have a deep understanding of ExecOnline’s L&D solutions and enjoy telling your peers about the incredible work you are doing with ExecOnline? If you’re already an enthusiast, why not make it official by becoming an ExecOnline Ambassador? This is a very exciting time to join the ExecOnline family and there are many amazing opportunities that you will not want to miss out on in 2020. Learn more about what we’re looking for and if you think you have what it takes, apply today!

What do we look for in Execonline Ambassadors?

Expertise: Ambassadors are experienced ExecOnline clients who have a deep understanding of our L&D solutions and find innovative ways to enhance their development initiatives with ExecOnline. 

Responsiveness: Ambassadors are enthusiastic collaborators who respond regularly to questions and use their own experiences to provide feedback and suggestions to the ExecOnline team. Feedback and suggestions are crucial to shaping the future of ExecOnline. 

Leadership: Ambassadors represent the ExecOnline brand accurately, respect fellow members, and encourage other organizations to speak with the ExecOnline team about how we can solve their organizations’ business needs.

Activity: Ambassadors are passionate educators who vocally advocate for leadership development and ExecOnline on their blog and social media networks.

Engagement: Ambassadors stay active and engaged with Ambassador activities throughout the entire length of their terms. One term is a 12-month commitment.

As an ExecOnline Ambassador, you’ll get…

Connections: Expand your network and join a community of innovative, leadership development thought-leaders.

Recognition: Showcase your company’s success stories in exclusive speaking opportunities throughout the year.

Credibility: Join the ExecOnline family and receive a featured profile on ExecOnline’s website. Share your story through guest blog articles and social media posts.

Exclusive swag: Show off your Ambassador status with branded swag only available to ExecOnline Ambassadors.

Interested in applying? Fill out the short application today!

There are a limited number of Ambassador spots, and each Ambassador is hand-selected by ExecOnline. New Ambassadors are selected annually, and once accepted they may reapply to be an Ambassador for as many terms as they wish. One term lasts 12 months. Apply today and become a 2020 ExecOnline Ambassador!

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