• Apr 10 2020

ExecOnline Joins #AskReuters Twitter Chat on Remote Work

Stephen Bailey, CEO and Founder of ExecOnline, joined experts from around the globe for this week’s #AskReuters Twitter chat to discuss an important topic on many of our minds today: working remote. It was incredible to see so many leaders come together to share their favorite productivity tips and answer your questions about remote work. Special thanks to Lauren Young, Editor, Digital Special Projects, Reuters, for organizing the chat and including ExecOnline. It was a pleasure to share our insights and learn from many other thought leaders, including:

Dan Schawbel @danschawbel 
New York Times bestselling author

Lindsay Pollak @lindseypollak 
New York Times bestselling author

Susan McPherson @susanmcpherson
Lifelong learner, curious and optimistic

Cali Williams Yost @caliyost
CEO & Founder, Flex+Strategy Group

Joyce Maroney @wf_institute
Founder & Executive Director of the Workforce Institute

Jody Thompson @JodyROWE
Co-creator of the Results-Only Work Environment™ (ROWE™)

Bhushan Sethi @bhushansethi1
Joint Global Leader PWC People & Org

Jon Penn @jonjpenn
CEO at National Research Group

John Seigenthaler @jseigenthaler
Partner at Finn Partners

Ruba Borno @RubaBorno
SVP/GM, CX Centers and Managed Services of  Cisco

Paul Daugherty @PaulDaugh
Group Chief Executive – Technology & Chief Technology Officer at Accenture

Adam Christopher @ADMchr

Missed the Twitter chat? Below we have outlined the questions covered and links to our responses and resources. Learn more on Twitter: #AskReuters.

Question 1: What tips do you have for working efficiently, productively and comfortably from home (especially if your new “colleagues” are spouses, kids, roommates or pets)?

Question 2: What are the biggest myths about remote work?

Question 3: I really miss the people I work with. How do I casually connect with them?

*question 4 was skipped.

Question 5: What are the best ways for managers to engage and motivate people if they can’t see them? And how does my boss know I am working?

Question 6: I am overwhelmed and stressed out by everything. How can I take care of myself (plus the people I love) while working from home? How can I stay focused?

Question 7: What is the best way to truly turn off from work and set better boundaries?

Question 8: How will work change when things return to “normal?”

Question 9: When it comes to remote work, what are you optimistic about right now?

Thank you for hosting us, Lauren!

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