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Women in Leadership Programs

Most organizations know that success lies in engaging the perspectives, talents and efforts of the entire workforce. And yet, women remain underrepresented in senior leadership across the board.

Solving this problem requires a sustained and multi-faceted approach, and investing in women leaders is key to any organization’s approach. Our offerings allow you to craft the Women in Leadership program that aligns to your organization’s objectives and the individual needs of your women leaders. We’ll partner with you to design an impactful, flexible and cost-effective solution to this challenge.

The Challenge

  • Designing a program that feels modern, fresh and relevant to today’s women leaders.
  • Aligning the program with key business initiatives, making it feel central to the success of the business rather than a “nice to have.”
  • Creating opportunities within the program for women leaders to showcase their skills and broaden their network, not only with other women leaders, but with influential senior leaders (regardless of gender).
  • How and when to involve male colleagues in advancing women’s leadership.

Why Women in Leadership Programs?

Why might a company want to implement a program like this?

A company may wish to implement this type of program in order to better reflect the diversity of their customer or stakeholder base. They may also choose to implement a program in response to pipeline concerns; turnover among women leaders; or feedback from women leaders.

How will a program like this help elevate women into leadership roles?

By providing the skills, perspectives and expertise needed for more senior roles. The individual project component of our programs also afford women participants an opportunity to showcase their skills to senior leadership, which we know is critical to advancement.

When should you consider implementing a Women in Leadership program?

This type of development program should be integrated into any strategic initiative to increase women’s leadership presence in your senior leader population or to bolster your pipeline. You may time this program with recurring events in your organization’s calendar: following high potential identification in a talent review; as part of a promotion process; as part of individual development planning for women leaders during the performance management process; as a follow-on activity to your employee engagement survey; or integrated with the activities of a women’s employee resource group.

Women in Leadership Programs

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I really enjoyed the video lectures that were connected with the slides. All the professors are great, dynamic speakers and really helped me engage and understand the material and how to apply it, with relevant industry examples and great stories!

Director of Quality

Engineering Company

The live meeting structure was excellent, including the breakout team forum. Very useful and interesting to hear the other team members’ experiences. The take aways are key for developing my own personal case, and the facilitator did a great job. The overall experience was excellent.

Design Engineering Manager

Manufacturing Company

How We Partner With You

  • 1. Meet With You to Understand Your Challenge

    You'll have a dedicated account team who will partner with you throughout the process. We will meet with you, virtually or in person, to learn more about your organization, your situation and goals.

  • 2. Determine the Right Program Fit

    From there, we will share a variety of options to help you achieve your goals, and work collaboratively to determine the best course of action.

  • 3. Run the Program

    Your ExecOnline account team will manage the process of running the program, keeping you appraised of progress while minimizing the effort needed on your end.

  • 4. Share Data & Insights

    After your program concludes, we will meet with you to share the data and insights we've collected over the course of the program. Among the insights we'll share: a leadership competency and capability analysis; a measure of organizational challenges faced by program participants; and reporting on individual projects completed in the program and their associated ROI.

  • 5. Plan for What's Next

    We'll work closely with you to plan for next steps, ensuring a smooth integration of the ExecOnline offerings with other internal processes or initiatives.

Interested in developing a new leadership initiative?

Schedule a conversation with us to learn more on how we can partner with your organization.

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