Lack of Operational Creativity, Not Discipline, is Slowing Down Business

Earlier this year, a top consultant outlined in Fortune what he saw as the slowing down of business decision-making as organizations become larger and more complex. He discussed the opportunity and the challenge involved:

“It would be foolish to suggest that the root causes of our current business slowdown—greater scale and greater focus on risk management—are in and of themselves bad things. Hardly. But leaders do need to design organizations and processes to take into account—and offset—the various choke points that technology and organizational evolution have created. Even at the largest and most traditional corporations, collaboration and streamlining don’t have to be at odds.”

At ExecOnline, we asked more than 100 of our executives who completed our summer 2016 programs about their senior leaders’ operational capabilities. What we found is that while a majority of executives (67%) believed senior leaders at their organizations were disciplined about operations, only 48% said they were creative. In fact, operational discipline without creativity might even be an impediment for organizational growth if executives are disciplined about operations that need an overhaul.

67% of executives believed senior leaders at their organizations were disciplined about operations, while only 48% said they were creative.

As organizational complexity continues to increase, the demand for executives who exhibit operational creativity is bound to rise.

Check out our Leading Operational Excellence course from MIT-Sloan Management to learn how you or your executives might acquire the right operational competencies for today’s more complex organizations, and let us know if you’d like to learn more.

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