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Next Available Program
October 25 - December 5

Time Commitment
30 hours (5 hours/week)

Program Duration
6 weeks

MIT Sloan School of Management Certificate of Completion

Who Should Attend
Senior Leaders, Mid-level & Team Leaders, Project Managers, Directors

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About the Program

Leading Operational Excellence, a 6-week leadership development program, delivers participants the most effective tools to align their operational capabilities to service their customer value propositions. This cross-functional program will foster improved perspective and decision-making through better alignment of operations and non-operational executives. The curriculum is designed to be high-impact for a broad range of product and service industries such as IT, healthcare, financial services, consumer products and industrials.

Key Takeaways

  • Align operations to your company’s business model
  • Reengineer processes to better serve your customers
  • Accurately measure operational performance
  • Reduce costs by optimizing human capital allocation and inventory
  • Create a culture of performance improvement

Program Structure

  • 6 week duration, 30 hours to complete requirements
  • 10 hours of on-demand, HD lectures
  • Professor interactions, group learning, and optional coaching sessions
  • Facilitated intra-company team meetings
  • Final project, which integrates your weekly activities

2021 Program Dates

February 2021 April 2021 July 2021 September 2021 October 2021
Program Start February 22 April 26 July 12 September 6 October 25
Program End April 4 June 6 August 22 October 17 December 5
February 2021
Program Start: February 22
Program End: April 4
April 2021
Program Start: April 26
Program End: June 6
July 2021
Program Start: July 12
Program End: August 22
September 2021
Program Start: September 6
Program End: October 17
October 2021
Program Start: October 25
Program End: December 5

Experienced Faculty

  • Zeynep Ton

    Professor of Operations Management

    Adjunct Associate Professor Zeynep Ton examines how organizations can design and manage their operations in a way that satisfies employees, customers, and investors simultaneously. Her earlier research focused on the critical role of store operations in retail supply chains.

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  • Charles Fine

    Chrysler Leaders for Global Operations Professor of Management

    Professor Charles Fine is a leader in supply chain strategy and value chain roadmapping, with a particular focus on fast-clockspeed manufacturing industries. Fine’s work has supported design and improvement of supply chain relationships for many global enterprises.

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Success Stories


I really liked using data from my own company to solve real life problems. I thought the lectures were very clear, and the length of each module was good. It was nice, psychologically, to see 6 minute lecture segments instead of 60 minute segments. The interactive activities between lectures were very helpful. The professors were great.

Technology Company

The business case examples were excellent, relevant and made it easier to understand the principles being taught. The overall quality aspect of the technology piece was excellent. The assignments were very good as far as the expectation related to the material being taught. The email follow ups kept you on track.

Agriculture Company

I really enjoyed the on-demand lectures and the section meetings. Learning about how other companies run their operations was extremely beneficial. This allowed us to make the connection between the overall concepts and how they have been successful and unsuccessful in their application.

Senior Manager
Financial Services Company


How many hours per week am I expected to devote to the program?

Our programs are designed for busy professionals. Participants are expected to spend 4-5 hours each week watching video lectures and completing assignments. There are also live online sessions most weeks, which last 1-1.5 hours each.

How long does the program last?

Our leadership development programs last 6 weeks. Additionally, you will complete a short orientation prior to the official start of the program.

Will I receive a grade or university credit?

Upon successfully completing the program, you will receive a certificate of completion from the sponsoring business school. ExecOnline provides non-degree programs for which no grades or university credits are provided.

Who takes ExecOnline programs?

Our programs are designed for busy leaders—managers, directors, VPs, and C-suite—with the drive and desire to solve their organization’s critical business challenges. Our short, focused programs allow you to develop solutions for both near- and long-term challenges—without disrupting your day-to-day responsibilities.

Will I apply my learnings to real-world work objectives?

Yes. You will develop a project of your choosing that addresses your organization’s critical business challenges. At the completion of the program, you will have produced an implementation-ready project, designed to make a fiscal and business impact.

Do you have an alumni program?

Yes. You can stay connected to ExecOnline through our alumni group, which allows you to interact with peers to generate support and networking opportunities.

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