How to Manage Virtually During COVID-19: A Podcast With Stephen Bailey

Stephen Bailey, Founder & CEO of ExecOnline, joined Lindsey Pollak as a special guest in the latest episode on her podcast series The Work Remix.  Lindsey is a New York Times best selling author, keynote speaker, and the leading authority on Millennials and the multigenerational workplace. In her podcast series, Lindsey invites different thought leaders to join her in a conversation about thriving in the workplace today and tomorrow. Listeners hear practical advice and steps they can take to navigate the unprecedented work and career challenges taking place right now. 

Listen to the full podcast today as Stephen and Lindsey cover a variety of topics, including:

  • The top challenges leaders are facing as they adapt to working in a virtual work environment.
  • How managers can effectively lead their teams virtually by showing empathy, having clear communication and information flows, and crafting anxiety-reducing messages.
  • Tips on cultivating trust by focusing on team outcomes and not the process it takes to get there.
  • Questions you must ask before having a difficult conversation from a distance.
  • The importance of building an inclusive environment so that all members of your organization—no matter where they’re located—feel welcome, accepted and heard.
  • An inside look at Stephen’s top predictions for the future of work. 

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