Project Based Learning with Tronox

Chuck Mancini, Former SVP Chief Human Resources Officer at Tronox shared his experience partnering with ExecOnline.


Chuck Mancini, Former SVP Chief Human Resources Officer, Tronox

We’re huge fans of ExecOnline because they’ve put a phenomenal IT and service wrapper around delivering high-quality executive education. Within the ExecOnline courses, there’s both the synchronous and asynchronous type learning that goes on in each of the courses.

One of the beauties of their model is that they ask every participant to develop a project that’s linked to the work they’re doing on a daily basis. There’s an accountability structure that’s put in, both from their peers from around the world in our company.

We actually have a truly global participation, so a manager from our Hamilton plant will be participating with a Vice-President from somewhere in Europe. We’ve got this real diversity going on, but they’re all working on projects that are unique to their own situation.

There’s a discipline in place in the ExecOnline model where they’re accountable for delivering on that project. In fact, our management team, as we look at our leaders taking these courses, and review what they’ve done, we actually look at these projects and the work they’ve done.

What’s beautiful is yes, you learn the most on the job. You can integrate the virtual learning through the executive education programs with your work, you’re going to get a lot of power from it. So that’s one of the things that we really appreciate about the ExecOnline model.

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