Agile L&D at Aristocrat

Missy Hallead, SVP Global Head of Talent & Group People & Culture at Aristocrat shares her experience partnering with ExecOnline


Missy Hallead, SVP Global Head of Talent & Group People & Culture, Aristocrat

ExecOnline has been really an amazing partner for us because of the flexibility that it creates for us, and being global, that’s been something that’s been really important.

We’ve tapped into a number of the ExecOnline resources, specifically for our managers and our leaders, as we’ve started to look at what what’s coming next for us, and how can we be investing in that development.

That’s something that, with our top talent, we love the fact that there’s a whole leadership component and strand within ExecOnline, because that’s really been the focus area.

I think strategy and agility was thrown at us, right? We had to adapt. There wasn’t an option not to be agile. But the way you lead was really something that we had to grapple. How do you do that differently? Even things you take for granted by being all in the office environment, and the way you communicate, being really intentional about communication was really critical. That was something that we appreciated about ExecOnline, is that we have the tools and resources necessary, but we also knew that we wanted to make sure we were attending to the communication pieces.

From managers, to the ExecOnline platforms for executives, continuing the development journey and not putting that on pause, but if we don’t continue to attend to our people, and attend to our business, that’s not an option.

So to be able to start to transform, and look at our business differently, we wanted to equip our leaders with those things that would help them do that. Focusing on communication and leadership were really critical components of the journey, and continue to be.

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