Transforming Business Operations for Sustainability

With award-winning tech strategy and corporate sustainability expert Michael Lenox

Time Commitment

~3 Hours


Certificate of Completion from UVA Darden

The need for sustainable leadership is on the rise as organizations navigate increasing risks related to climate change. With the right skills, individual leaders can become powerful agents of change, driving their organizations to embrace sustainable practices and leading business transformation for a more sustainable future.

In this high-impact program, award-winning professor, speaker, and author of “The Decarbonization Imperative,” guides leaders to discover opportunities to integrate sustainable practices into daily operations, analyze and prepare for climate risks that affect their organization, and acquire the knowledge and strategies to become influential actors in fighting climate change.

Program Overview

PDF, 166.36 KB


Meet the Expert

  • Michael Lenox

    Tayloe Murphy Professor of Business Administration Senior Associate Dean and Chief Strategy Officer, UVA Darden School of Business

    Michael Lenox is a strategist and professor of business administration at the Darden School of the University of Virginia, particularly known for his work on business strategy, technology strategy, corporate sustainability, and industry self-regulation. He is a contributor to Forbes magazine and awa…

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