Managing for Retention and Engagement

Featuring Krister Ungerböck, leadership communications expert, bestselling author, and former global tech CEO

Program Duration

1 Week (per experience)

Time Commitment

2 Hours (per experience)


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Empower Your Managers to Retain and Engage Your Best Talent

Two on-demand leadership development experiences give managers the skills they need to communicate with compassion and foster safe and honest work environments that inspire their teams.

Taught by tech entrepreneur and author of the #1 WSJ  bestselling book, “22 Talk SHIFTs: Tools to Transform Leadership in Business, in Partnership, and in Life” Krister Ungerböck, this collection of applied learning experiences offer actionable insights into the shifts in language and leadership style manager can improve team performance and commitment.


Managing to Optimize Engagement

A manager’s leadership style can make or break team engagement. Managers who lead in a way that encourages employee autonomy, and who delegate rather than dictate, will foster teams who are more inspired by and committed to their work. This experience teaches managers five tactics for boosting engagement by giving employees more agency over their work, while providing guidance that builds their confidence.

Shifting Your Words to Retain Your Best People

By communicating with compassion, managers can better connect with their employees and keep them committed to the organization. In this experience, managers learn seven specific language shifts they can make away from an overly analytical or critical communication style to one that is rooted in authentic connection and fosters a safe and honest work environment.

Collection Overview

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  • Krister Ungerböck

    Author, Entrepreneur, and Leadership Language Expert

    Krister Ungerböck is a bestselling author, former tech CEO, and leadership language expert.

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