What’s different about ExecOnline?

ExecOnline delivers online leadership development programs that solve organizations’ business needs. More than 200 global organizations have worked with us because we understand that impactful leadership development requires top business schools, flexible deployment strategies, and measurable business and financial impact.

ExecOnline programs have a 91% completion rate and a 97% application rate. On average, our programs generate a 76X return on investment.

How do we partner with you?

Every organization is different. That’s why we partner with you to map our leadership development solutions to your organization’s distinct needs. A team of ExecOnline advisors will work with you to identify the right programs, for the right participants, at the right time, in order to make the largest possible impact.

Critical to ExecOnline’s success is our belief in exceptional client services. A client success director will partner with you to take work off your plate, so you have time to focus on strategic activities. Read our success stories.

How does your solution work?

Our leadership development solution is designed to fit your organization, no matter its size, location, or structure. Our advisors partner with you to understand your distinct needs and requirements, then recommend an impactful deployment strategy, which might include a formal program, general development, or a business initiative.

During each program, participants’ case work focuses on solving a specific business challenge for their organization, using the concepts and frameworks taught within the program. We’ve helped our corporate partners solve both unique and common business challenging, including developing HIPO programs and women in leadership initiatives.

How do you develop your programs?

World-class leadership development starts with understanding today’s business requirements. We work with our corporate partners to identify their most important business challenges and partner with the best business schools in the world to develop programs that address those challenges. Programs are business-led and business-focused.

Which leaders are right for your programs?

Every employee can benefit from leadership development. However, depending on your organization’s goals, different functions or leadership levels can generate greater impact. Using data we’ve collected from more than 10,000 alumni, we’ll work with you to identity which leaders to enroll in our programs to achieve maximum ROI. ExecOnline’s programs are specifically designed to help organizations develop the “critical middle” — senior and middle managers who execute strategy.

What’s the next step?

We’ll meet with you (virtually or in person) to learn more about your organization and understand your challenge. You’ll have a dedicated account team who will partner with you throughout the process. 

From there, we’ll determine the right program fit by sharing a variety of options to help you achieve your goals, and work collaboratively to determine the best course of action. Your ExecOnline account team will manage the process of running the program, keeping you appraised of progress while minimizing the effort needed on your end.

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