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Businesses are in a unique position and must weigh the many different concerns that their leaders are facing today. Join us for our Virtual Series: Leading Through COVID-19, where thought leaders from around the world address your organization’s most pressing challenges, and evaluate the roles HR plays during this pandemic.


Developing Future Ready Leaders

Guest Host: Stephen Bailey, Founder & CEO, ExecOnline

In this webinar, Stephen discusses the critical capabilities that organizations must cultivate to ensure a strong pipeline of Future Ready Leaders who can successfully execute against strategic imperatives in this “new normal” business environment and shares ExecOnline’s latest product innovations to support future-ready capability building.

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Cultivating Mental Adaptability

Guest Host: Dorie Clark, Strategy Consultant, Professional Speaker, & Award-Winning Author

In this interactive session, Duke University executive education professor and Harvard Business Review author Dorie Clark will share strategies to help you adjust when the situation changes, learn from the past, and get smarter about planning for the future.

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Future of Work: Defending L&D During a Downturn

Panelists: Molly Nagler, CLO at PepsiCo & Janaky Grant, SVP Group Head Learning & Development at Olam

In this panel event, you will hear from two Heads of Learning as they discuss why their organizations are investing in L&D today, and how you can build the business case to fortify or even grow learning budgets during a crisis.

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Leading in Crisis: Building Resilience in Challenging Times

Guest Host: Michael Chavez, CEO, Duke Corporate Education

Michael Chavez will draw from his own research on Rehumanizing Leadership, as well as insights derived from working with global clients to build greater learning agility, to put forward a model for leading others with clarity.

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Find Your COVID-19 Superpower: Key Principles for Thriving Amid Disruption

Guest Host: Michael Wade, Director of the Global Center for Digital Business Transformation, IMD Business School

In this webinar, Michael Wade shares strategies, principles, and examples of how you and your organization can thrive amid the disruption caused by COVID-19.

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Super-flexibility & Resilience: Leading in Turbulent Times

Guest Host: Homa Bahrami, Senior Lecturer, Haas Management of Organizations Group, UC Berkeley Haas

Professor Homa Bahrami, Senior Lecturer at UC Berkeley Haas, tackles a critical issue facing organizations today – the ability to quickly and seamlessly adapt to a shifting business environment.

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Virtual Uncertainty: Navigating the New Leadership Challenge

Guest Host: Dorie Clark, Strategy Consultant, Professional Speaker, and Award-Winning Author

Meet Dorie Clark and learn more about cutting edge insights, practical tools, and frameworks for your leaders so that they can engage and lead their teams to great outcomes in a moment of great uncertainty.

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Second Wave Legal Implications of COVID-19

Guest Hosts:

Jason Schwartz, Partner and Co-Chair, Labor & Employment Practice Group, Gibson Dunn

Melody Jones, Former CAO, CEB

Melody Jones and Jason Schwartz joined us to discuss best practices on how HR Leaders can respond, manage and prepare for the impact of COVID-19.

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We know in this time of crisis, you and your HR team are playing a leading role in keeping your employee base safe, productive and learning. This week, we sat down with Stacey Hoin, EVP of Human Resources at GE Capital, and learned that when facing a crisis, her team makes an emphasis on the ability to focus, prioritize, and communicate.

How ExecOnline Can Help Your Leaders During Challenging Times

ExecOnline is offering tailored support based on our clients’ evolving needs. To best support you during this time, we are offering unique solutions designed to address three specific challenges organizations face today: ensuring productivity remains high, maintaining customer service levels, and keeping people connected and engaged.

3 Week Certificate Program

Managing Uncertainty Virtually

Next Program Run: February 22 – March 14

Program Duration: 3 weeks

Time Commitment: 2 hours/week

About the Program:

Organizations are facing unprecedented employee productivity and customer service challenges accelerated by COVID-19. Teams are rapidly adopting new, virtual working environments that present unique management dynamics. At the same time, teams must be agile and prepared for the unexpected.

In this 3-week program with Dorie Clark, we will introduce leaders to cutting edge insights, practical tools, and frameworks that develop capabilities they need to act decisively and confidently through times of uncertainty.

Curated Learning Journeys

Leader Effectiveness Program Portfolio

Extend leadership development to support your leaders during this time of crisis, with supplemental content and Coaching from ExecOnline’s experienced crisis management Coaching Network.

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Unlimited Ongoing Support

Individualized Coaching

Leading a virtual team through a crisis requires a unique set of leadership capabilities. A dedicated ExecOnline Coach will guide leaders on the agile competencies required to rapidly respond to changing realities.

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Taking Your Talent Pulse

HR leaders are on the front line of their organizations, helping employees worldwide navigate today’s health and economic crisis. ExecOnline’s Insights and Advisory team invites you to participate in this quick six question survey, which tracks how HR leaders like yourself are responding to the current crisis. Results will be available after the survey closes at the end of the month.

Additional Resources

Below you will find helpful resources from ExecOnline, including more information about our curated learning journeys, our unlimited ongoing support, and relevant blog posts. We will update this section as new resources become available.

White Papers

White Paper

The Problem with Over-Resilience: How CHROs Can Create a Culture of Productivity Without Burnout

White Paper

Five Ways CHROs Can Build an Effective Virtual Work Environment Now and Moving Forward

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I implement online leadership development opportunities for my leaders during this time?

Strong leadership is needed now more than ever to help organizations keep moving forward. By enrolling, your leaders will:

  1. Stay connected while apart – During the live sessions, program participants meet with people from their same organization, but they also learn alongside leaders from different organizations in a wide range of industries.
  2. Build key soft skills – As more and more organizations introduce remote work, your leaders will develop critical virtual leadership skills to drive productivity and collaboration in an online setting. 
  3. Dedicate free time to development – Support and grow your leaders at their time of greatest need. Your leaders will come out on the other side stronger and better prepared to take on future challenges.
  4. Learn from renowned faculty and experts Courses consist of three parts: on-demand video lectures, self-paced application exercises, and live online collaboration with high-achieving professionals and renowned faculty. 
How can we make sure leaders remain productive as we force new ways of working on them?

Provide your people with options to close potential productivity issues. Continuing to develop leaders can be one of the best ways an organization can help maintain normalcy and a positive trajectory while also helping drive productivity.

What can CLOs and CHROs do to prepare their organization for the future of work?

Stay informed. The unprecedented increase in remote working happening worldwide continues to grow each day. HR leaders are thinking about how this shift will also impact organizations in the years to come as employees will probably demand more remote work opportunities. HR leaders are proactively helping organizations understand that this shift to remote work may be a look into the future, and here are the facts and tools to help you adjust.

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