Technical Requirements

ExecOnline is a web-based and off-the-shelf platform offering leadership development programs co-created with the world’s leading academic experts and most influential management thinkers.  ExecOnline is accessible on both desktop computers and mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones through major browsers and our native iOS application. 

Note: Corporate Account Clients are encouraged to partner with ExecOnline to confirm & thoroughly test the various endpoints, embedded components, and participant features to ensure a functional and seamless end-user experience. In some IT environments, we recognize that access to specific web resources may be blocked or limited due to existing firewall, network, or proxy policies across the population and the below requirements may not be exhaustive to address specific IT environment needs.

The following IT environment aspects should be also be considered as part of your testing plan across your organization’s population:

  • User management policy requirements for new SaaS or web/cloud-based applications
  • Network differences or restriction between potential site locations, end-user levels, departments or other internal entities
  • Required authorization and requests for global or local access
  • System permissions/policy set up for designated employees participating in ExecOnline programs and products
  • Possible requirements for VPN access, proxy connections, or web-gateway filtering usage affecting web browser content
  • Usage of remote desktop, thin clients, or virtual desktop technologies that may affect live audio/video conferencing or the presentation of assets or content
  • Availability of local admin rights, appropriate Active Directory settings, or necessary content safelisting, etc.

If you are not participating in an ExecOnline program through a Corporate Account Client, we recommend the use of a personal machine to avoid any corporate blocks or limitations. 

Desktop/Device Checklist

Recommended Software & Browsers

  • Modern browsers such as Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge.  
  • Microsoft Office Suite (including Word, PowerPoint, Excel) or a compatible office suite that can open .docx, .pptx, .xlsx file extensions. Documents & Program assignment templates for upload will be provided in these formats. 
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader (recommended) or a compatible .pdf viewer
  • ExecOnline Application for iOS devices (Optional)

ExecOnline’s platform can also be accessed through our iOS mobile app. Our mobile app allows employees to access enrolled ExecOnline Programs while they are ‘on the go.’ The ExecOnline mobile application is available for iPhones running iOS 13.0 or later and iPads running iPadOS 13.0 or later versions. For non-IOS devices, a mobile responsive website is also available. 

NOTE: The ExecOnline mobile app is for use only by participants already enrolled in a program. Some functionalities are not available in the mobile app; for the full experience we recommend using a desktop browser. 

Minimum Hardware Requirements for PC users:

  • Operating System: Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7 SP1 and above, Windows Vista SP2 and above, Windows XP SP3
  • RAM: 4 GB
  • 50MB of free space
  • CPU Speed: Dual core 2.4 GHz+ i5 or i7 series Intel processor or equivalent AMD
  • Internet Connection: Broadband +2Mbps

Minimum Hardware Requirements for Mac users:

  • Operating System: Apple OS X 10.6
  • RAM: 4 GB
  • CPU Speed: Dual core 2.4 GHz+
  • Internet Connection: Broadband 2Mbps+

Supported Browsers:

  • Google Chrome™ – ExecOnline makes every effort to test and support the most recent version. There are no configuration recommendations for Google Chrome.
  • Mozilla® Firefox® – ExecOnline makes every effort to test and support the most recent version of Firefox.
  • Microsoft Edge – ExecOnline recommends using the latest Microsoft Edge browser (Chromium build).
  • Apple Safari – There are no configuration recommendations for Safari.

Required Peripherals for Live Video Conferencing:

  • Webcam  – Almost all native (integrated) webcams are compatible.
  • Use of a headset is highly recommended.
  • Microphone built-in via laptop, USB or Bluetooth-enabled peripherals.


Please confirm your connection is 2 Mbps or higher.

To test your bandwidth, visit and click on “Begin Test”.

Platform and Program Components

Video Playback

Our learning platform streams video for lectures segments built-in within our Programs. Videos should perform with our standard browser list and HTML5 support.

While ExecOnline hosts most of its lecture content on its own video player, certain video resources, such as module introductions, recordings of live events and platform orientation videos, may also be hosted on Vimeo. 

Video Conferencing 

(For ExecOnline Products Offering Live Events or Coaching Sessions)

ExecOnline leverages Daily conferencing technology for our video conferencing. The full-featured video conferencing call components are embedded within the ExecOnline platform, and therefore no local installation is required. 

For the best experience, we recommend using Google Chrome to access your courses where WebRTC-based video conferencing is natively supported.

For detailed network configuration and troubleshooting, please see Daily Configuration Appendix below.

For a network diagnostic, please use this link to confirm your connection:

Daily Configuration Appendix

Daily implements the WebRTC specification for their video conferencing capabilities. WebRTC has many different types of connections, which means there are a number of domains to add to your firewall’s allow list:

  • * 
  • * 
  • – Daily owned server for ICE negotiation
  • * – STUN server/TURN relays for coordinating peer-to-peer  calls
  • * – STUN server/TURN relays for coordinating peer-to-peer  calls

With larger video conferencing calls, all video and audio traffic will be coming from a centralized server. With smaller calls, the WebRTC protocol favors direct connections between peers. These connections use UDP instead of TCP because it offers lower latency.

In order to support these direct connections, your firewall should allow UDP hole punching. This is the default behavior for most firewalls, so it’s unlikely that any changes will be needed. If you’re explicitly allowing or denying UDP ports, you’ll definitely need to open port 3478 for signaling and media tunneling. You’ll also need to open UDP ports 40000-65534 for all hosts in order for peer-to-peer calls to work correctly.

Real-Time Scheduling

(For ExecOnline Products Offering Individual Coaching Sessions)

ExecOnline utilizes Freebusy to offer real-time Coaching availability for participant scheduling. Please use the following diagnostic to review the ability to use the scheduling component:

Forms, Surveys, and Assessment Activities 

ExecOnline utilizes an embedded instance of to present this content. We advise reviewing your DLP (Data Loss Prevention) or other relevant user policies to ensure this domain is available for your participating population. 

Documents/Coursework Files

The ExecOnline platform will provide a range of resource materials, assignments and other coursework documents that will involve the downloading and uploading of templated files to and from the ExecOnline platform via Microsoft Office or PDF.  We advise reviewing your DLP (Data Loss Prevention) or other relevant user policies to ensure this capability is available for your participating population. 

For Read Only viewing access (“View in Browser”) to documents, we utilize’s previewer tool, which is embedded into the ExecOnline platform (NOTE: Content is NOT hosted or accessed by end users via

Other Interactive eLearning Content

ExecOnline may utilize Storyline 360 for embedded video and simulation activity content. Please see similar examples here:

Email Delivery

To ensure email delivery please safelist the following IP ranges and domains:

  • * (include the following IPs)

Connectivity in China

ExecOnline Platform users in China may experience connectivity issues due to China’s restricted access to various websites, including, potentially, our Platform.

  • Please confirm with your IT department to see if you have a corporate solution available or approved for usage.