5-Step Succession Planning Workbook

Succession planning is crucial to ensure organizational resilience and continuity in the face of change. It ensures a smooth handover of knowledge and skills, minimizing disruption during executive transitions.  However, the process can often feel complex and overwhelming, leading to delays as deadlines and competing priorities take priority.

With over a decade of experience developing successors, we understand the challenges involved. That’s why we’ve created a clear, actionable process that outlines the critical steps any organization can follow to build a strong succession and development plan.

Don’t wait to begin succession planning. Download your free workbook to equip your talent pool with the necessary skills and capabilities to step into leadership roles.

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Our free workbook provide offers practical tools & templates to help you successfully navigate each step of the succession planning process:

Develop business case aligned to org goals to accelerate buy-in

Define succession planning goals

Identify high-impact roles requiring succession plans

Assess & select potential successors

Create development plans to bridge skill & capability gaps in your future leaders