Build your leadership bench with a high potential program

Develop and retain your high potential employees with best-in-class learning and coaching.

Build a reliable leader pipeline

Don’t chase leaders, build them. Nurture high-potential employees to ensure consistent leadership quality in a dynamic pool of leaders.

Retain & motivate top talent

Create a career path that ignites ambition, fosters loyalty, and engages your employees – today and in the future.

Drive business impact

Equip your employees with actionable learning and coaching to take them from high potential to high impact. 

Free GUIDE Unlocking Potential:

A Guide to Identify, Develop & Retain Your Future Leaders

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100+ programs

Keep leaders ahead of the curve with emerging topics.

12 top business schools

Learn from faculty at Duke, Wharton, Stanford, and others.

6 languages

We offer self-paced programs in up to six languages.

100% of coaches are certified

Our coaches are seasoned corporate leaders with coaching certifications.

14 languages

We offer coaching sessions in 14 different languages.

12 time zones

Our global coach network is available to meet leaders wherever they are.

Strengthen leadership skills with hands-on assignments

Put theory into practice with assignments empowering your future leaders to apply leadership lessons to real-world business challenges to maximize impact while building confidence and experience.

Design a scalable HiPo program aligned to your goals

Offer high-potential talent the learning opportunities they need with built-in flexibility. Pair learning and coaching in a development path that empowers your HiPos to lead through any moment.

ExecOnline’s solution helped us meet the exact goals we set to achieve. Most of the high-potential employees who completed the program have also been put into a succession plan.

Jon Starling
Vice President of Talent Development & DEI
Integral Ad Science
95% of graduates were retained
50% of graduates were promoted

Measure the impact of your HiPo program

Our reporting gives you a clear picture of engagement, progress, ROI, and trends to help you see what’s working and identify ways to optimize your leadership development.

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Resources to help develop & retain HiPo talent

An office worker leads collaboration with a team using sticky notes on a glass wall
How to Identify High-Potential Employees

High performer or high potential? Unlock the secrets to identifying leadership potential in your team with these 4 proven methods. Start now.

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an employee leads colleagues in a strategy session with sticky notes on a glass wall
3 key milestones on the journey from HiPo to leader

From developing leadership presence to influencing others, discover the critical steps on the path to a successful HiPo development.

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leaders sit at a laptop which shows a data dashboard
How to Measure the Success of Your HiPo Program

The success of your HiPo program depends on your ability to measure its impact. Learn how to get started building your KPIs and get tips for measuring the full value of your program.

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Learn how to go from HiPo to leader in record time

Let us help you identify the right learning and coaching programs to support your HiPo talent goals.

Reach out if you’re ready to develop your future leaders.

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