After more than 25 years as a senior executive of multinational businesses, Professor Peter Meola became a member of the faculty at Columbia Business School in New York. His primary areas of focus and passion are leadership of organizational culture, as well as strategic learning as a leadership process, which is uniquely applied within Columbia’s executive education programs, both open enrollment and custom. He also teaches MBA candidates in his popular elective, Organizational Culture Demystified: Leading and Creating a Winning Organization.

Prior to joining the faculty, Peter held a variety of senior executive roles in several global firms, including Unilever (Foods), Lehn and Fink (Household Products), The Seagram Company (Distilled Spirits), Tropicana (Beverages), Burmah Castrol (Lubricants), and ExxonMobil (Energy). Prior to joining Columbia’s faculty, Meloa was a group executive at BP PLC (British Petroleum), and CEO of their Americas Lubricant Division, where he led a cross-cultural and cross-functional employee base with operations in more than 20 countries. In 2000, when BP PLC successfully acquired and integrated Burmah Castrol, Meola was an executive member of the Global Integration Team and the lead executive in the Americas. He was also an Executive Committee member of the Global Lubricants business and chair of their Human Resource Committee.

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