Professor Paul Asquith is a specialist in corporate finance and a media source for the field of corporate finance and control, including mergers, dividend policy, financial distress, and market efficiency. An empiricist, he investigates applied problems using real-world data. His most recent research examines analysts’ forecasts and market efficiency. MIT Sloan program students have recognized Asquith with 13 Teaching Excellence Awards.

Asquith’s recent research focuses on the effects of regulation. In particular, a recent working paper, “The Effects of Mandatory Transparency in Financial Market Design,” looks at the impact on market volume and market volatility from FINRA’s requirement that all corporate bond trades be transparent. In addition, he is currently examining the effects that sector EFTs have on thinly traded stocks. Older research examines reverse mergers as an alternative to IPOs in a working paper, “A Test of IPO Theories Using Reverse Mergers.”

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Books & Publications

  • A Test of IPO Theories Using Reverse Mergers

    October 2011

  • Lessons in Corporate Finance

    A Case Studies Approach to Financial Tools, Financial Policies, and Valuation

    March 2016

  • Lessons in Finance: Basic Tools

    November 2014

  • The Effects of Mandatory Transparency in Financial Market Design

    Evidence from the Corporate Bond Market

    September 2013

  • The Market for Borrowing Corporate Bonds

    January 2013