Unlocking “Onlyness” to drive team performance and business transformation

Featuring Fortune 500 tech executive, speaker, author, and leadership expert Nilofer Merchant.

Time Commitment

2.5 hours


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What if you could drive meaningful innovation by tapping into the full potential of yours and your team’s individual skills and perspectives?

Through two on-demand courses taught by Nilofer Merchant, top-ranked business thinker and best-selling author of “The Power of Onlyness,” leaders can develop the skills needed to identify their unique strengths and advocate for others’ original thinking to drive transformational change.

Driving Transformational Change

Learn how to forge relationships with others that leverage each person’s Onlyness (their unique value) to solve challenges. By learning how to invite people into the conversation to generate new ideas, you’ll rally people with shared ownership in the results and foster lasting, positive change. Learn more.

Unlocking Power in Each of Us 

Imagine leading a team that is passionately aligned, where every member’s unique brilliance is celebrated and woven into a dynamic tapestry of success. In this program, you’ll learn strategies to reshape power dynamics and become a force that fosters collaboration, innovation, and genuine growth. Learn more. 

Meet the Expert

  • Nilofer Merchant

    Co-founder of The Intangible Labs, award-winning speaker and author

    A former executive at Apple and other Fortune 500 companies, Merchant spent 25 years in the tech industry. Merchant has taught business strategy, collaborative management, and leadership at Stanford University and Santa Clara University, and guest-lectured at Yale.

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