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On-demand courses featuring Martin Lindstrom, best-selling author and Thinkers50-ranked expert of brand and culture

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To gain and maintain competitive advantage in a fast-moving business environment, leaders need the ability to constantly drive innovation that anticipates and meets changes in the market. But change at the organizational level is hard, and few leaders have the skills they need to drive innovation that creates value for customers and results for the business.

Martin Lindstrom, New York Times best-selling author and management expert ranked among Thinkers50 top business thinkers in the world, leads two courses designed to give leaders the skills they need to develop customer-centric innovation, and drive a culture of innovation at their organization.

Developed in partnership with Thinkers50, these two courses are offered to leaders of all levels through ExecOnline’s on-demand leadership development platform.

Innovating from the Outside In

Effective innovation happens when leaders look outside of their organization for ideas and customer-centric insights to drive new products and services. In this course, leaders will gain the skills they need to cut through corporate bureaucracy, connect directly with customers, and achieve their organizational goal of creating irrefutable customer value. Learn more.

Generating Momentum for Innovation

More often than not, innovation gets stalled with internal stakeholders before it has the chance of proving its value in the marketplace. To drive value-creating innovation, leaders must have the skills to garner buy-in and produce results. In this course, leaders will gain tools for assessing their organization’s reaction to change, aligning with key stakeholders, and leveraging resources to take innovation from idea to action. Learn more.

Meet the Expert

  • Martin Lindstrom

    Best-Selling Author; Founder and Chairman of the Lindstrom Company

    Martin Lindstrom is the founder and chairman of Lindstrom Company, the world’s leading brand & culture transformation group, operating across more than 30 countries.

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