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ExecOnline offers online leadership development to help bridge the skills gap for managers at any level of your organization. Our experts provide a unique and highly engaging way of teaching key business concepts that will drive results.

Learn more about our Manager Essentials program for experienced managers, Mastering Management Essentials, below.

Manager Essentials: Mastering Management Essentials

About the Program

With the constant change of the speed of business, it is crucial for organizations to have the right managers in place to create a significant impact on how well the company performs and how will its employees work together. As a result, experienced managers need to be proactive in developing and refining their management skills to strengthen the present and build for the future.

Take this course to master management techniques to take your team to the next level by building expertise in communication, mentorship, presence, motivation, and management of people and ideas.

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This Program is For You If…

  • You’re interested in developing your personal leadership style to successfully inspire and engage your team
  • You want to become a more effective team manager, delegating tasks and prioritizing to make quality decisions
  • You’d like to better understand your challenges as a manager and learn new ways to be agile

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Mastering Management Essentials Launch into Leadership
Duration 6 weeks, 2 hours/week 6 weeks, 4 hours/week
Program Structure Short Video Lectures: 20 min/week
Personal Project: 70 min/week
Live Events: 30 min/week
Short Video Lectures: 30 min/week
Personal Project: 90 min/week
Live Events: 30 min/week
Target Audience Managers (+1 years in role) Managers (0-12 months in role)
Key Learnings Aligning to Organizational Objectives
Develop Your Team
Manage for Results
Adapt to Emerging Realities
Aligning to Organizational Objectives
Develop Your Team
Manage for Results
Adapt to Emerging Realities
Personal Leadership
Adopt a Leader’s Mindset
Manage Your Team’s Emotional Journey
Final Project Launch an Improvement Initiative Develop a Leadership Plan
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Overall Program Rating

Top Reviews from Mastering Management Essentials

I am now more focused on the development plan of my reports. I am trying to align their personal goals with the company objectives.

Technology Company

I learned I need to take a step back and lead and be more strategic. Not get in the weeds and grow our business through my team. Defining everyone’s role and responsibility and delegating more to let them own our success.

District Manager
Manufacturing Company

Featured Coaches

  • Dorie Clark

    Strategy Consultant, Professional Speaker, and Award-Winning Author

    Dorie Clark is a strategy consultant for Fortune 100 companies, an executive educator in the United States, internationally, and online, and an award-winning author writing regularly for the Harvard Business Review and publishing award-winning books.

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  • Ori Brafman

    Senior Advisor, Professional Speaker, and Best-Selling Author

    Ori Brafman is a senior advisor and professional speaker, successful entrepreneur, and multiple New York Times best-selling author.

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What is the purpose of the Mastering Management Essentials program?

ExecOnline’s Experienced Manager offering, Mastering Management Essentials,  teaches leaders the management skills they need to stand out. Participants will learn how to maximize their own productivity and impact, as well as strengthen the performance of the teams they lead.

Who is eligible for the Mastering Management Essentials program?

ExecOnline’s Experienced Manager offering is designed for people managers who have been in their role for more than one year.

How long is the Mastering Management Essentials experience?

This offering is six weeks long.

How is the experience structured?

The Mastering Management Essentials program consists of components of self-paced learning, live events and weekly assignments.

How many hours per week are participants expected to devote to the Mastering Management Essentials experience?

Depending on their preferred learning approach, participants can expect to devote up to 2 hours per week to their work on the Mastering Management Essentials program.

Where will participants access the Mastering Management Essentials program?

Participants can access the Mastering Management Essentials program content on the ExecOnline platform. From the course dashboard, participants can click the dropdown course menu and select “Mastering Management Essentials.”

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