Virtual Uncertainty

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Learn more about our ExecOnline program, Managing Uncertainty Virtually, below.

Managing Uncertainty Virtually

About the Program

Organizations are facing unprecedented business continuity challenges around employee productivity and customer service. Teams are rapidly adopting new, virtual working environments that present unique management dynamics. At the same time, teams must be agile and prepared for the unexpected.

This 3-week program with Dorie Clark introduces cutting edge insights, practical tools, and valuable frameworks to develop the leaders organizations need to maintain business continuity and thrive long after the current crisis ends.

Participants will also have the option of partnering with a dedicated ExecOnline coach to focus on their individual strategy and development needs.

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This Program is For You If…

  • You want to become a more effective leader managing cohesive virtual teams and navigate them through rapidly evolving priorities.
  • You’d like to better understand how to assess a dynamic environment and monitor signals to maintain agility within your team.
  • You’re interested in being a positive contributor to conversations by crafting anxiety-reducing messaging.


Managing Uncertainty Virtually
Duration 3 weeks, 2 hours/week
Program Structure Short Video Lectures: 35 min/week
Personal Project: 45 min/week
Live Events: 40 min/week
Individualized Coaching (Optional): Time varies by package/participant needs
Target Audience Manager to Director Levels
Key Learnings Assess Your Dynamic Environment
Deliver an Anxiety-Reducing Message
Create Cohesive Virtual Teams
Final Project
Leadership Action Plan
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The “What” is rarely the issue: the “When” is usually the issue. It’s rarely the crisis itself that is a surprise, but rather, when and how suddenly it occurs. Simultaneously trying to design an execution plan while executing on it is a trap that leaders can learn to avoid, and bring forward with them in their journey as a leader through this program.”

Dorie Clark
Bestselling Author, HBR Contributor, & Respected Leadership Expert

Featured Expert

  • Dorie Clark

    Strategy Consultant, Professional Speaker, and Award-Winning Author

    Dorie Clark is a strategy consultant for Fortune 100 companies, an executive educator in the United States, internationally, and online, and an award-winning author writing regularly for the Harvard Business Review and publishing award-winning books.

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What is the purpose of the Managing Uncertainty Virtually program?

ExecOnline’s program, Managing Uncertainty Virtually, teaches leaders the skills they need to deliver results as they confront the unprecedented convergence of two distinct management challenges brought on by COVID-19: managing increasingly virtual teams combined with heightened market uncertainty.

Who is eligible for the Managing Uncertainty Virtually program?

ExecOnline’s Managing Uncertainty Virtually offering is designed for the Manager and Director levels.

How long is the Managing Uncertainty Virtually experience?

This offering is three weeks long.

How is the experience structured?

The Managing Uncertainty Virtually program consists of components of self-paced learning, live events, weekly assignments, and optional coaching.

How many hours per week are participants expected to devote to the Managing Uncertainty Virtually experience?

Depending on their preferred learning approach, participants can expect to devote up to 2 hours per week to their work on the Managing Uncertainty Virtually program.

Where will participants access the Managing Uncertainty Virtually program?

Participants can access the Managing Uncertainty Virtually program content on the ExecOnline platform. From the course dashboard, participants can click the dropdown course menu and select “Managing Uncertainty Virtually.”

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