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Purposeful Leadership Development in Uncertain Times

Strategic, intentional L&D has never been more critical to business success. Today, we must align leadership development with pressing business needs or risk missing critical opportunities to support leaders who drive outcomes now and in the future.

So how can HR, Talent, and L&D teams align their purpose to organizational goals? And how can we measure impact to help understand and articulate how L&D programs move the needle on important metrics?

In this session, Stephen Bailey, CEO and Co-Founder of ExecOnline, will share research-backed insights into how today’s most progressive companies are using integrated learning and coaching to drive results in turbulent business environments. Additionally, he’ll explain ExecOnline’s differentiated approach to measuring L&D’s impact on employee retention, productivity, and goal attainment.

“Purposeful leadership prevents us from feeling the world is happening to us by giving us more control to share our future.”

Stephen Bailey, CEO & Co-Founder, ExecOnline


Stephen Bailey

CEO & Co-Founder, ExecOnline