• Nov 09 2021

Leading with Purpose to Drive Growth

Stephen also shared with the audience how, in the future, purpose will be the North Star for the most successful companies:

“Entrepreneurship is a blank canvas. One of the most exciting things about entrepreneurship is the ability to fill in that canvas in any way you want.”

Stephen Bailey, Co-Founder & CEO, ExecOnline

Last week, ExecOnline Co-founder and CEO Stephen Bailey traveled to Web Summit 2021 in Lisbon, Portugal, to share how early observations in his career led him to identify the root cause of the lack of diversity in leadership positions. This realization launched him into entrepreneurship and ignited a passion to connect all leaders to their future potential. 

Stephen explained that by embedding purpose into the fabric of ExecOnline, he has brought others– investors, enterprises and the world’s top business schools– along on his journey to democratize leadership development by bringing it online. 

Stephen also shared with the audience how, in the future, purpose will be the North Star for the most successful companies:

“If you look at the billion and trillion-dollar companies of the future they will be companies that have a purpose. They will not be companies that simply have a corporate mission on their website that you never hear about again. They will be companies that are changing the world for the better.”

Watch Stephen on stage at Web Summit 2021.

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