Program Overview

Program Duration

3 Months, with the option to add-on additional 1 month modules for continued learning and support

Time Commitment

~2.5 hours per week

Who Should Attend

Rising new managers and leaders who have been promoted within the last year

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What You'll Learn From This Program

  • Adopting a Leader's Mindset

    Mindset is something you do. Build a Leader's Mindset by acting as a Leader acts. Within this module, participants will learn how to lean into their role, manage their emotional journey while stepping into their leader identity, and understand how to cascade organizational objectives.

  • Building A Management Toolkit

    Develop the leadership capabilities most critical to success. In this module, participants will organize and establish focus driving towards results, learn how to lead and manage others while developing people and working across the organization, and leverage best practices to set expectations and communicate more effectively.

  • Executing With Agility

    Help the team move at the speed of business through continually aligning and adjusting. In this module, participants will observe and adapt behaviors to flex between leading and executing, manage the team's emotional journey, and inclusively seek input to amplify what's working.

Launch into Leadership Program Experience

  • On-Demand Video Lectures

    Self-paced learning allows participants to study when they have time and at a pace that is comfortable for them.

  • Live Events

    Interacting with peers and facilitators is a vital component of the learning experience. This program includes opportunities for participants to discuss and practice their learnings with fellow participants, facilitators, and your learning partner.

  • Activities & Assignments

    Participants will use the program framework to develop a personal Leadership Plan which can be applied to on-the-job learning and results.

Through her authenticity and enthusiasm, Dorie is an expert in motivating millennials to make the difficult mindset leap from an individual contributor to a new manager, activate into their new role and define and clarify their professional brand, and adapt continuously to reinvent themselves professionally and gain access to new opportunities.

Ori connects to the real-world challenges of new managers and guides them to apply their learnings to accelerate the mindset shift, skillfully manage teams within a flat hierarchy as an organizational leader, and adapt constantly and operate spontaneously within unpredictable or decentralized environments.

Featured Experts

  • Dorie Clark

    Strategy Consultant, Professional Speaker, and Award-Winning Author

    Dorie Clark is a strategy consultant for Fortune 100 companies, an executive educator in the United States, internationally, and online, and an award-winning author writing regularly for the Harvard Business Review and publishing award-winning books.

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  • Ori Brafman

    Senior Advisor, Professional Speaker, and Best-Selling Author

    Ori Brafman is a senior advisor and professional speaker, successful entrepreneur, and multiple New York Times best-selling author.

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What is the purpose of the Launch into Leadership program?

ExecOnline’s New Manager offering, Launch into Leadership, equips first time people managers with the frameworks and support that they need to transform their mindset from an individual contributor to an agile people manager, and develop the critical connections they will need as they start their journey in leadership

Who is eligible for the Launch into Leadership program?

ExecOnline’s New Manager offering is designed for first time people managers who are new to role (recently promoted or up to one year in role).

How long is the Launch into Leadership experience?

This offering consists of a core three month program with three optional one month programs that may be added on.

How is the experience structured?

The Launch into Leadership program consists of components of self-paced learning, live events and weekly assignments. The core program is a three month program with three optional one month programs that may be added on.

How many hours per week are participants expected to devote to the Launch into Leadership experience?

Depending on their preferred learning approach, participants can expect to devote up to 2.5 hours to their work on the Launch into Leadership program.

Where will participants access the Launch into Leadership Program?

Participants can access the Launch into Leadership Program content on the ExecOnline platform. From the course dashboard, participants can click the dropdown course menu and select “Launch into Leadership.”

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