You Can’t Manage What you Don’t Measure

Our in-depth reporting and insights help you quantify the personal and enterprise impact of your leadership development programs – and identify areas for future growth.

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Powerful Insights to Inform Your Development Plans

See Your Leaders in Action

Track your teams’ engagement with metrics including enrollment, experience selection, completion rates, satisfaction rates, repeat participation, likelihood to apply learnings, and more.

Personal and Organizational Impact

Measure competency improvement to see how your leaders are transforming their daily work, and quantify the actual business impact your leaders’ projects have on your organization.

Uncover Capability Gaps

We have your leaders identify their biggest skill gaps and desired areas of improvement, then we compare them to industry benchmarks so you can prioritize your learning investments.

Understand Your Leaders’ Challenges

We measure adaptation, burnout, execution challenges, and other concerns in real-time so that you can prioritize your learning investments and adjust course as needed.

Invest in Leaders Equitably

Measuring who has access to career-enhancing development is a critical part of creating a more diverse leadership bench. ExecOnline helps you measure who is being developed within your organization, and how that compares to broader industry benchmarks.

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