The ExecOnline Impact Framework

Make the business case for high-impact leadership development with our proprietary methodology for measuring the financial impact of ExecOnline solutions on your organization’s bottom line.

Measure Your Financial Impact

Quantifying the financial impact of leadership development can be difficult, yet it’s essential to securing continued investment in your organization’s most valuable resource–its leaders. The ExecOnline Leadership Development Impact Framework offers an easy-to-use tool to measure and report the impact of your program on retention, productivity, and goal achievement.

  • Keep Your Best Talent

    As a result of participating in ExecOnline programs, leaders are less likely to turn over, boosting retention rates and averting turnover costs for companies.

  • Get More Done

    Leaders are more willing to go above and beyond in their role after completing an ExecOnline program, increasing productivity.

  • Drive Business Priorities

    Leaders’ confidence in their skills improves significantly through participation in ExecOnline programs, increasing the likelihood of leaders achieving their goals.

Research-Backed Methodology

Based on the Kirkpatrick-Phillips model for measuring the effectiveness of leadership development, ExecOnline’s Impact Framework offers clients impact reporting aligned to their highest-priority metrics. Our proprietary methodology for measuring program impact on key financial indicatorsretention, productivity, and goal achievementempower clients to demonstrate bottom-line results.

Real-Time Reporting

Drill into actionable insights to optimize your leadership development program. Our insights dashboard provides comprehensive data on enrollment, outcomes, and satisfaction rates. Plus, learn about which courses are most popular among your leaders and track the progress of learners through each course.

Making the Case for L&D

HR, talent, and business leaders are maximizing the value of their programs using the ExecOnline Impact Framework.

“Translating ExecOnline participation into metrics like retention really resonated with our senior stakeholders …it helped us make the case that ExecOnline is a retention tool for our company, and therefore worthy of continued investment.”

ExecOnline Client, VP of Talent Management at a global FinTech company

“We took other vendors into consideration. None of them came across as positively or strongly with the demonstrable ROI as what ExecOnline is doing.”

ExecOnline Client, CHRO of a national health non-profit

“I continue to applaud ExecOnline’s strategy. They’re not just a content provider. They’re not just a technology firm. ExecOnline offers thought leadership, helping companies figure out their L&D gaps and how to measure impact.”

ExecOnline Client, L&D Director at a national consulting firm

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