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Do Less: Why Prioritization is a Top Leadership Skill for 2023

Join us for a session with Antonio Nieto-Rodriguez, leading champion of project management & strategy implementation, to talk about why leaders are overwhelmed, what can be done about it.

Event Date:

February 15, 2023 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm


Virtual Webinar with Association of Talent Development


Now more than ever, leaders are struggling to meet productivity goals with fewer resources in a fast-changing business environment. As a result, many leaders (71%) report feeling burned out in their role. 

Antonio Nieto-Rodriguez, author and award-winning champion of project management and strategy implementation says the problem lies in the overwhelming number of projects and competing priorities faced by today’s leaders. 

Better prioritization–the ability to identify and invest in initiatives with the greatest ROI–is the skill that all leaders should develop to drive better results and thrive at work. 

Presented in partnership with ATD, this webinar will:
– Provide insight into what it means when leaders say they don’t have time
– Identify the specific skills your leaders need to prioritize effectively
– Explain how the 60/30/10 rule increased productivity
– Share tips on helping leaders hone their prioritization skills


Antonio Nieto-Rodriguez

Leading Expert in Project Management & Strategy Implementation

Antonio Nieto-Rodriguez, Leading Champion of Project Management & Strategy Implementation

Author of the Harvard Business Review Project Management Handbook, the featured HBR article The Project Economy Has Arrived, and five other books, Antonio is the creator of concepts such as the Project Economy. He is the expert that has published more articles on project management in HBR. His research and global impact on modern management have been recognized by Thinkers50. Fellow and Former Chairman of the Project Management Institute, he is the creator of the Brightline Initiative, founder of Projects&Co and the Strategy Implementation Institute.

Antonio leads ExecOnline’s “Project Management Fundamentals” and “Prioritizing Projects and Tasks” leadership experiences.

Born in Madrid, Spain, and educated in Germany, Mexico, Italy, and the United States, Antonio is fluent in five languages. He has an MBA from London Business School. He is a member of Marshall Goldsmith 100 coaches.

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