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3 Tensions Facing Workplace Leadership in 2023

Join ExecOnline and the Center for Creative Leadership to learn insights and best practices into the top tensions facing today's leaders, and how organizations can address them.

Event Date:

July 20, 2023 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm


Virtual webinar hosted by Center for Creative Leadership


Leadership in 2023 faces a uniquely challenging environment in the workplace — economic uncertainty, technological shifts, and recovery from a global pandemic have all taken a toll on how both leaders and employees see themselves and their talents. Because of this, the need for organizations to do all they can to support and develop leaders is more important than ever.

For organizations to succeed in this environment, our research with the Center for Creative Leadership surveying more than 43,000 leaders shows why your organization must understand and work to resolve the challenges and pressures facing leadership in 2023. Organizations must also equip leaders with the tools to work past these tensions, prioritize resources, and manage conflicting demands. In turn, these efforts can also improve performance and retention among leaders.

Join ExecOnline and the Center for Creative Leadership for this webinar as we discuss the 3 key tensions organizations must address to enable effective and successful leadership.


Andrew Loignon, PhD

Research Scientist, Center for Creative Leadership

Paige Graham, PhD

Global Manager Portfolio, Consultative Solutions, Center for Creative Leadership

Sara Haber Pixley, PhD

Vice President, Head of Research, ExecOnline

Andy Loignon, PhD, Research Scientist, Center for Creative Leadership

Andy Loignon has over a decade of experience working as an organizational scientist identifying data-driven solutions that help organizations address some of their most pressing challenges. In his current role as a Research Scientist at CCL, Andy’s research focuses on work groups and teams and emerging leaders. Prior to joining CCL, Andy was a member of the faculty at Louisiana State University.

Paige Graham, PhD, Global Manager Portfolio, Consultative Solutions, Center for Creative Leadership

Paige Graham designs and facilitates custom leadership development solutions, specializing in senior team performance, organizational change, innovation, talent, and culture. Before joining CCL, Paige developed a course on leadership adaptability for the U.S. Army War College, worked as a senior consultant and Vice President of an international consulting and assessments company, and served 4 years as a professor and department chair in the School of Organizational Leadership at the University of Rockies in Denver, CO.

Sara Haber Pixley, PhD, Vice President, Head of Research, ExecOnline

Sara Haber Pixley leads quantitative efforts to track program impact as well as drive frame-breaking thought leadership and insights at ExecOnline. She has a PhD in cognitive science and has experience leading quantitative and qualitative research in the HR space, most notably within learning and development, and total rewards. Before coming to ExecOnline, she ran an internationally recognized cognitive science center as the executive director and member of the faculty.

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