Engagement Does Not Equal Application

CEB just released some new data showing how engagement and application are diverging:

“While 78% of employees say they are satisfied with L&D products, only 37 percent of learning is applied on the job. As the study referenced here indicates, there is definitely a big relevance gap driving this disconnect. At CEB, we have found that the majority of employees say that learning is just too hard to find, consume, and apply.”

This low number is troubling but unsurprising. Getting great learning outcomes is not as simple as having a great course. Organizations need to be able to match relevant courses to learners, enable consumption through good program design and management, and provide the right organizational support for application. The good news is that much higher rates are possible. At ExecOnline, we observe 95% application rates of learning from our program participants by not just offering courses, but partnering with your organization to ensure program relevance and impact.

If you are interested in increasing your rates of learning application, please speak with our team to learn more.

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