Yale School of Management

Yale School of Management’s mission is educating leaders for business and society. The school is committed to understanding the complex forces transforming global markets and using that understanding to build organizations that contribute lasting value to society.

In any Yale Executive Education program, you benefit from the depth of expertise of a leading business faculty. Insights from economics, strategy, finance, accounting, marketing, and behavioral fields will help you raise your performance tomorrow. You will also be immersed in the Yale approach—an integrated and far-looking way of approaching challenges that better prepares you to take your organization forward in a world where big issues affect everyone.

Yale School of Management positions its people strategically to maximize their academic and professional development. Yale’s global reach and wide-ranging understanding of markets and organizations will give you the perspective you need.

Renowned Faculty

  • James Baron

    William S. Beinecke Professor of Management

    Prior to joining Yale School of Management, Professor James Baron taught at Stanford University, and was co-director of the Stanford Project on Emerging Companies (SPEC), a large-scale longitudinal study of the organizational design, human resource management practices, and financial and non-financial performance measures of entrepreneurial firms in Silicon Valley.

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  • Jeffrey Sonnenfeld

    Senior Associate Dean for Leadership Studies

    Professor Jeffrey Sonnenfeld is a leading voice on corporate governance. He is a regular commentator on PBS and CNBC, and the author of several best-selling books. BusinessWeek listed Sonnenfeld as one the world’s 10 most influential business school professors.

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  • Amy Wrzesniewski

    Professor of Organizational Behavior

    Professor Amy Wrzesniewski is a leader in organizational behavior. Her research focuses on how people make meaning of their work in difficult contexts, and the experience of work as a job, career, or calling.

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  • Heidi Brooks

    Senior Lecturer in Organizational Behavior

    Professor Heidi Brooks is a noted expert in leadership and community development for individuals, organizations, and larger systems. She has delivered executive coaching and leadership development to numerous Fortune 500 companies and academic institutions.

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    Certificate Programs

  • Feb 26 - April 8

    Leading & Managing Globally

    In this 6-week program, Yale’s renowned faculty will show leaders how to effectively lead in a global organization, including how to bridge cultural divides and recognize sources of organizational power and information flow.

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  • Feb 26 - March 18

    Fostering Inclusion & Diversity

    Join Yale's renowned faculty for a 3-week program that builds and nurtures more inclusive, effective, and innovative teams.

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