The Wharton School

The Wharton School was founded at the University of Pennsylvania in 1881, as the first collegiate school of business. The Wharton School maintains a long tradition of educating visionary business leaders in academia, business, government, and not-for-profit organizations.

Today, Wharton has expanded the scope of this vision to become the most comprehensive source of business knowledge in the world—with more than 225 faculty members, 95,000 alumni, 5,000 students across 10 academic departments, 20 research centers, and more than 9,000 executive education participants annually.

Renowned Faculty

  • Jagmohan S. Raju

    Vice Dean, Wharton Executive Education

    Professor Jagmohan S. Raju is internationally known for his research on pricing strategies, coupon programs, managing private labels, and sales force compensation. He consults extensively with companies around the world, including Wyeth Pharmaceuticals, Medtronic, Warner Home Video, and Johnson & Johnson on designing pricing strategies and developing launch plans for new products.

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  • Patti Williams

    Ira A. Lipman Associate Professor of Marketing

    The recipient of multiple Wharton Excellence in Teaching awards, Patti Williams’ interests cover the role of emotions in consumer decision-making. She serves as the academic dean for the Global Marketing University at the Estee Lauder Companies and teaches executive education programs to many organizations.

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  • Bob Meyer

    Frederick H. Ecker/MetLife Insurance Professor

    Professor Bob Meyer is a noted scholar whose research focuses on consumer decision analysis, sales response modeling, and decision making under uncertainty. As Co-Director of Wharton's Risk Management and Decision Processes Center, Meyer also researches how individuals decide to invest in mitigation against low-probability, high-consequence events such as hurricanes, earthquakes, and financial losses.

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    Certificate Programs

  • Feb 26 - Apr 8

    Leading Customer-Centric Growth

    Join Wharton’s renowned faculty for a 6-week program that will show leaders how to develop customer-centric strategies that lead to quality growth.

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