Columbia Business School offers diverse and entrepreneurial students daily access to influential industry leaders. Columbia Business School programs allow you to accelerate your learning within a dynamic, interactive environment and with peers from around the world. Columbia’s faculty members are thought leaders, pioneering researchers, advisers, practitioners; and communicators who bridge theory to practice, providing the most relevant information for today’s business environment.

Columbia Business School brings ongoing, pivotal research to the classroom—critical offerings specifically created, not repackaged, and taught by acclaimed Columbia Business School faculty. You will learn new approaches to bring proactive change to your organization.

Renowned Faculty

  • Bill Klepper

    Professor of Management

    Professor William Klepper is the academic director of Columbia’s Executive Education program. He’s worked on customer programs for a number of corporations, including AT&T, Chase, DuPont, and General Electric.

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  • William Pietersen

    Professor of the Practice of Management

    For more than 20 years, Professor William Pietersen served as the CEO of multibillion-dollar businesses such as Lever Foods, Seagram USA, Tropicana, and Sterling Winthrop’s Consumer Health Group. His top-selling book Strategic Learning is widely applied within Columbia’s executive education programs.

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  • Rita McGrath

    Professor of Strategy

    Professor Rita McGrath is a globally recognized expert on innovation and growth strategies, with an emphasis on corporate entrepreneurship. Her work and ideas help senior leaders chart a pathway to success in rapidly changing and volatile environments.

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  • Peter Meola

    Professor of Executive Education

    Adjunct Professor Peter Meola has more than 25 years of senior executive experience at multinational businesses, including The Seagram Company, Tropicana, ExxonMobil, and British Petroleum. His primary research areas are leadership of organizational culture and strategic learning as a leadership process.

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    Certificate Programs

  • Oct 25 - Nov 14

    Building & Leading Effective Teams

    Join Professor Bill Klepper for a 3-week program focused on strategy concepts that help build and organize powerful teams.

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  • Oct 25 - Nov 14

    Implementing Winning Strategies

    Join Professor Willie Pietersen for a 3-week program focused on strategy concepts that help develop and deliver winning strategies.

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  • Oct 25 - Dec 5

    Leading Strategic Growth

    Join Columbia’s renowned faculty for a 6-week program on developing a strategic organization that can better identify challenges and focus efforts.

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