• Oct 07 2022

Accelerate Leadership Development with Integrated Coaching and On-Demand Learning

When paired with other leadership development experiences, professional coaching amplifies learning outcomes and accelerates impact for leaders and organizations. 

How do we know? We compared key outcome data of leaders who participated in online leadership courses alone versus those who also participated in coaching. We found that as a result of their experience, those who participated in leadership development with integrated coaching had increased engagement, better application, improved performance, and higher trust in their organizations.*

ExecOnline’s Applied Experience Platform combines on-demand learning with professional coaching, empowering organizations to deliver targeted, high-impact leadership development that accelerates learning outcomes and drives business results. 

How it Works

ExecOnline empowers HR, Talent, and L&D teams to create learning journeys that develop leaders against 26 strategic talent objectives, or work with us to create a custom learning journey tailored to their business and talent needs. Learning journeys can be configured to the leader level, business function, and global region.

World-Class Content

ExecOnline curates collections of on-demand learning experiences that offer comprehensive development in critical leadership skills. Designed and taught in partnership with the world’s top business schools and management experts, ExecOnline leadership development experiences offer high-quality and credentialed learning. 

Learn By Doing

Each learning experience includes a project through which leaders apply their learning to address a real challenge or opportunity they face in their role. ExecOnline’s Learn By Doing with Impact methodology enhances learning outcomes and retention, and accelerates real-world impact. 

Individualized Feedback

ExecOnline leadership coaches provide constructive feedback on each leader’s assignments and applied learning projects, boosting learner confidence and ensuring learning outcomes are aligned with overarching talent objectives. 

Group Coaching

Cohorts of select leaders receive “live” virtual group coaching from ExecOnline coaches. Cohort learning, empowered by group coaching, can help expand internal networks and build community among leaders, and create a shared understanding of what effective leadership looks like. Coaches are also instrumental in engaging learner cohorts in further development opportunities. 

Learn More

Interested in learning more about how ExecOnline helps organizations rapidly develop critical leadership capabilities in their workforce? Contact us to connect with our team.

*Source: ExecOnline Alumni Survey comparing outcomes of those who participated in leadership development programs versus those who participate in leadership development programs with coaching.

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