Program Overview

Program Duration

3 Months

Time Commitment

~1 hour per week

Who Should Attend

Participants who have completed one or more ExecOnline program(s) and looking to improve their communication and presentation skills.

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What You'll Learn From This Program

  • Transform Your Pitch

    Understand the elements of a good story and how to leverage them in presentations. Learn how to maximize your day-to-day communications.

  • Prepare Your Delivery

    Understand your audience and learn techniques for crafting messages that are memorable and inspire action. Learn the "do's and don'ts" of translating your message and story into slides.

  • Deliver Your Pitch

    Effectively connect with your audience by being present, exploring their needs and sending the right (verbal and nonverbal) signals.

Communicating with Impact Experience

  • On-Demand Video Lectures

    Self-paced learning allows participants to study when they have time and at a pace that is comfortable for them. The total run time of the video lectures in each module averages around 30 minutes.

  • Live Events

    Interacting with peers and experts is a vital component of the learning experience, this programs include opportunities for participants to discuss and practice their learnings with fellow participants, faculty, and your learning partner.

  • Activities & Assignments

    Participants will take a Communication Profiles Diagnostic to understand your personal communication strengths and style followed by tailored feedback. A variety of application exercises will help create a compelling pitch for your personal case project.

The purpose of this program is to give some tools, and hopefully a little inspiration, so that professionals are more confident in how to approach their communications. With a few tools, some practice, and some experimentation, people slowly start to close the confidence gap - and then, they can have a deeper impact.

Lindy Amos
Impact Accelerator Expert

To find what matters most to the respective stakeholders is a very useful way to identify common ground. The process from idea development to engagement to rollout is a simple way to validate communication effectiveness that often times we just don't pay attention to.

HR Director
Industrials Company

Featured Experts

  • Lindy Amos

    Executive Communications & Development Advisor

    Lindy Amos is a highly sought-after Executive Communications consultant. For more than fifteen years she has collaborated with senior-level individuals and teams internationally, developing their communications and leadership abilities.

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What is the purpose of Communicating with Impact?

Communicating with Impact is designed to help ExecOnline alumni maximize their business impact through post-program support. Participants learn to connect effectively with a variety of audiences, craft memorable messages that inspire action, and maximize their day-to-day communications.

Who is eligible for Communicating with Impact?

Participants who have completed one or more ExecOnline programs are eligible for Communicating with Impact.

How long is the Communicating with Impact experience?

The experience is spread out across 3 months. We’ve paced the content and activities so that you can experience the program in bite-size increments. Communicating with Impact lasts approximately three months, and it kicks off with a Welcome Module.

How is the experience structured?

Communicating with Impact has two primary components: Online Modules & Live Events. It is comprised of diagnostics, video lectures, assignments, and application exercises. The Live Events include Peer Learning Forums and Learning Partner Sessions.

How many hours per week are participants expected to devote to the Communicating with Impact experience?

Depending on their preferred learning approach, participants can expect to devote between 30-60 minutes per week to their work on Communicating with Impact.

Where will participants access Communicating with Impact?

Participants can access the Communicating with Impact content on the ExecOnline platform, just as they did for the program they recently completed. From the course dashboard, participants can click the dropdown course menu and select “Communicating with Impact.”

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