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Today’s Leadership Imperative: Workplace Wellness

Dr. Srini Pillay, CEO, NeuroBusiness Group

Burnout and mental wellness have quickly shifted from being a discussion topic for HR leaders to a very real leadership challenge and a threat to business performance. Our recent survey of 2000+ leaders showed that 95% of ExecOnline program participants (i.e. managers, directors, and VP+ level leaders) are reporting some level of concern about burnout in the workplace. ExecOnline has partnered with Duke Corporate Education to design a new online program called “Strengthening Workplace Wellness,” which leverages Duke CE’s proprietary “Neurocoaching®” framework with an aim to enable leaders to adopt the mindset needed to establish a sense of purpose and to maximize personal and team performance.

Join Dr. Srini Pillay as he shares insights on how to enhance workplace wellness, with a focus on managing and preventing burnout for yourself and your team.
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