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Rethinking Agility: HIPO Programs in the Age of Digital Learning

Boost Your HIPO Program’s Effectiveness
Organizations spend as much as 27% of their learning and development budget on HIPO programs annually, but achieve only mediocre results. In fact, 80% of HR leaders are dissatisfied with their current HIPO programs.

In our latest white paper, we highlight how digital learning and scalable content has the power to maximize your organization’s strategic agility, broaden your HIPO program's reach, and better demonstrate ROI.

When you’re finished, you’ll have everything you need to reinvent your HIPO program to make it more effective and efficient.
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ExecOnline is changing the way enterprises learn. We partner exclusively with elite business schools to create certified executive development programs delivered through our proprietary, cloud-based platform. ExecOnline delivers measurable enterprise impact by allowing companies to work with multiple schools in their recognized areas of strength, while leveraging the efficiency and scale of one end-to-end online partner.

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