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ExecConnect 2018 Recap

Over 200 L&D and business leaders met at ExecConnect in New York to share the leadership strategies that will take their organizations to the next level. Attendees all acknowledged that today, change is something each organization must manage. The most successful organizations innovate and drive change from a position of strength, while they are on the upswing, rather than in response to a decline.

To support this change, L&D organizations are shifting their focus to supporting leaders through a portfolio of development experiences that are aligned to the needs of business stakeholders.

Leading organizations manage this change by:
- Engaging business leaders on the front end of the program design process to ensure relevancy and win budget dollars.
- Leveraging relevant, scalable content to free up resources for investment in supporting leaders through strategically-relevant experiences.
- Investing in flexible program designs that can be rapidly iterated in response to stakeholder feedback. Programs must be updated continuously, rather than once every few years.

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