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Future of Work: Defending L&D During a Downturn

Molly Nagler, CLO at PepsiCo
Janaky Grant, SVP Group Head L&D at Olam

In previous times of economic decline, HR and talent development budgets were targets for cost cutting. This is especially true when we look back at the aftermath of the most recent and comparable economic disruption, the 2007 financial crisis, where leadership development budgets took a substantial hit.

Today’s crisis is different. While many companies are inevitably facing spending cuts, the most adaptive organizations see that upskilling and building key soft skills are more valuable than ever in setting up leaders and rising leaders for success through the pandemic and beyond.

In this panel event, we heard from two Heads of Learning, as they discussed:

• Why their organizations are investing in L&D today, and
• How you can build the business case to fortify or even grow learning budgets during a crisis.
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