Project Feedback

Written Project Feedback

  • Detailed written feedback from an ExecOnline expert
  • Occurs 3 times in a program
  • Focuses on what works, what can be improved, what to focus on next

Written Project Feedback with Live Component

  • All Written Project Feedback components
  • Additional virtual, 1×1 sessions with an ExecOnline expert
  • Occurs on an as-needed basis

  • Written Project Feedback

    Participants receive written responses to their assignments submitted at the end of specific modules. Typically, participants receive 3 pieces of written feedback on 3 modules determined by ExecOnline to be the most impactful points in the learning journey.

  • Live Project Feedback

    Participants schedule a private virtual feedback session with one of our ExecOnline Experts. Sessions are designed to focus on refining and improving participants module assignments to help build a stronger final project.

  • Why is Project Feedback Valuable?

    Feedback is designed to provide individualized guidance to strengthen participants' projects and accelerate implementation and impact within the organization.

Project Feedback Experience & Testimonials

  • Occurs 3 Times

    Feedback occurs 3 times during an ExecOnline program – the beginning, middle, and end of the program.

  • Provided in 2 Business Days

    Participants will receive Written Feedback on their assignment within 2 business days of assignment submission.

  • 22% Higher Projected Impact

    Individuals that receive project feedback have, on average, a 22% higher projected financial impact per participant than those who did not receive feedback.

The feedback was helpful, as I struggled early on to fully define my challenge. The feedback helped point out gap areas so that I could focus on them.

Senior Director
Financial Services Company

Having graduated from multiple ExecOnline courses now, I think project feedback adds a lot of value to the experience. I would encourage every company / every leader to allow this as a default for every participant in a course.

Senior Director
Pharmaceutical Company

Featured Experts

  • Poorni Bid

    Poorni has 14 years of experience in executive and leadership development, including senior management roles at ExecOnline, The Coaches Training Institute (CTI), and the Corporate Executive Board.

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  • Jennifer Caleshu

    With 15 years of experience, Jennifer has been a lecturer, facilitator, and executive coach for numerous prestigious organizations.

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  • Joady Gross

    With more than 20 years of business experience, Joady is a certified Career and Life Coach, a former Mergers & Acquisitions Manager, and a Marketing and Strategy Manager.

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Who should receive Project Feedback?

All ExecOnline program participants can benefit from Project Feedback. It is especially beneficial for participants with busy schedules or those who are changing responsibilities in their roles.

Is feedback not already included as part of the standard program?

There are a number of built-in opportunities throughout the standard program for participants to iterate on their projects, including access to interaction with a Learning Partner and engagement during Live Online Virtual Events. Feedback is a program extension that provides targeted guidance to help participants develop a project that yields maximum ROI.

How is ExecOnline Live and Written Feedback different from Coaching?

Both Live and Written Feedback are focused specifically on participants’ assignments and final projects to help them build the best possible final project submission. Feedback is not intended to address participants’ professional development or circumstances beyond the ExecOnline program.

What is the turnaround time for the participant to get the Feedback?

Participants will receive Written Feedback on their assignments within 2 business days of assignment submission.

How will participants be notified that they have received Feedback?

Participants receive an email when their Written Feedback has been uploaded to the platform, and they also see a red banner on the platform upon logging in. The feedback is uploaded to the Files section of the platform, and is privately accessible only to that participant.

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