Program Overview

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Rolling Enrollment

Program Duration

12 month

Time Commitment

~1 hour per week


Certificate from ExecOnline

Who Should Attend

ExecOnline Alumni

Program Experience

On-demand lectures and assignments, diagnostics, cascade kits, live events and project feedback

Build, Broaden and Reinforce Skills with Impact Accelerator

Access a suite of cutting-edge resources, tools, and experiences to support success as a leader. Participants learn from the world’s top leadership experts, advance their personal case projects from their ExecOnline program, and build their network of peers.

Unlike ExecOnline certificate programs, Impact Accelerator is spread out across the year. The content and activities are paced out so that participants can experience it in bite-size increments across the program.

The Impact Accelerator Suite

The Impact Accelerator experience consists of four modules over the course of 12 months, following completion of your ExecOnline program. To learn more about each module, take a deeper dive below.

 Communicating with Impact

Lindy Amos will teach how to carry out communication performances and day-to-day moments with maximum impact. Participants will use their personal case project from their ExecOnline program as an opportunity to apply best practices on how to pitch their project to leadership in your organization. Identify and understand their personal communication strengths and style with the Impact Accelerator: Communication Profile Diagnostic.

  • Module Duration: 3 Months
  • Time Commitment: ~1 hour per week


  • Messages That Move
  • Communication Profile Diagnostic
  • Structuring Your Interaction
  • Finding Your Story
  • Handling Q&A with Authority

 Cascading Your Learning

Conduct a Cascade Session. This module provides a toolkit and roadmap for sharing learnings with others in their organization, such as direct reports, peers, and teams. With guidance, participants will customize their Cascade Kit and Agenda to prepare to deliver a session.

  • Module Duration: 2 months
  • Downloadable Cascade Kit


  • Define Your Goals
  • Select Your Audience and Customize Your Agenda

 Maximizing Your Influence

Using powerful influence tools supported by decades of research, Chuck Allen and Andrew Sheridan will help leaders develop a deep understanding of the interpersonal factors that drive all business relationships. By creating productive, supportive partnerships with key players in the organization, participants will ensure that they remain long-term allies.

  • Module Duration: 3 months
  • Time Commitment: ~1 hours per week


  • Learn and Observe Influence Matrix
  • Understand Your Stakeholders
  • Build Positive Regard
  • Deepening Trust
  • Asking for Feedback

The Impact Accelerator is accessible on ExecOnline’s proprietary, cloud-based platform.

What You'll Learn From This Program

  • Boost Impact Through Post-Program Support

    Set participants up for success in post-program application and project implementation by helping them build communication skills, generate stakeholder buy-in, and navigate execution challenges in the organization.

  • Build a Culture of Continuous Learning

    Even the highest quality projects will fall short of their potential if not communicated and cascaded in a way that inspires action from stakeholders. Make learnings worthwhile and build a culture of continuous learning with practice opportunities, social engagement, and expert feedback.

  • Multiply ROI by Cascading Through Teams

    Supercharge the value of learning investment with toolkits and how-to guidance for sharing key concepts across teams and organizations. Let the learnings cascade through your organization to maximize ROI.

The Impact Accelerator Experience

  • Tailored Diagnostics

    Personal leadership diagnostics.
    Personal leadership plans.

  • High-Impact Learning Journeys

    On-demand, bite-sized videos.
    Weekly insights tailored to participants’ interests.

  • Team Cascade Kit

    Key program concepts distilled into 1-hour meeting decks.
    Guidance for sharing lessons with teams.

  • Live Virtual Peer Coaching

    Leaders take turns presenting on key issues, and chairing bi-monthly sessions.

The purpose of this program is to give some tools, and hopefully a little inspiration, so that professionals are more confident in how to approach their communications. With a few tools, some practice, and some experimentation, people slowly start to close the confidence gap - and then, they can have a deeper impact.

Lindy Amos
Impact Accelerator Expert

What leaders will learn in this program is how to work with certain tools that we’re using around the idea of influence; becoming more aware of the way in which they’re operating, the kind of behavioral styles that they’re confronted with in other people, and how to use these ethically and effectively to influence people in a way that will help them be successful.

Andrew Sheridan
Impact Accelerator Expert

Featured Experts

  • Lindy Amos

    Executive Communications & Development Advisor

    Lindy Amos is a highly sought-after Executive Communications consultant. For more than fifteen years she has collaborated with senior-level individuals and teams internationally, developing their communications and leadership abilities.

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  • Andrew Sheridan

    Executive Coach & Business Relationship Advisor

    Leveraging over 10 years of experience managing relationships, Andrew possesses a deep understanding of human behavior and a commitment to creating an approach to business that elevates the human spirit.

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  • Chuck Allen

    Executive Coach & Business Relationship Advisor

    Chuck brings an intellectual curiosity and pragmatism to his work in organizational development. His expertise lies in applying cognitive science and social science to organizational transformation and development.

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What is the purpose of the Impact Accelerator?

The Impact Accelerator is designed to help ExecOnline alumni maximize their business impact through post-program support. Participants build skills in communication and strategic influence, cascade learnings through their teams and organizations, and fast-track their project implementation.

Who is eligible for the Impact Accelerator?

Participants who have completed one or more ExecOnline programs are eligible for the Impact Accelerator.

How long is the Impact Accelerator experience?

The experience is spread out across 12 months. We’ve paced the content and activities so that you can experience the program in bite-size increments. Each of the four modules lasts approximately three months, and it kicks off with a Welcome Module.

How is the experience structured?

The Impact Accelerator has two primary components: Online Modules & Live Events. Each module of the Impact Accelerator is comprised of diagnostics, video lectures, assignments, and application exercises. The Live Events include Peer Learning Forums and Learning Partner Sessions.

How many hours per week are participants expected to devote to the Impact Accelerator experience?

Depending on their preferred learning approach, participants can expect to devote between 30-60 minutes per week to their work on the Impact Accelerator.

Where will participants access the Impact Accelerator?

Participants can access the Impact Accelerator content on the ExecOnline platform, just as they did for the program they recently completed. From the course dashboard, participants can click the dropdown course menu and select “Impact Accelerator.”

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