Maximize Alumni Impact with Impact Accelerator

Get more out of your ExecOnline alumni with Impact Accelerator, a post-program experience designed to maximize application and impact. Impact Accelerator participants develop and leverage personal leadership skills to increase their personal effectiveness.


The continuous education experience focuses on empowering alumni to successfully implement their project, as well as cascading learnings from their program to their team.

Real Impact, Real Results

Double Your ROI 

Drive participant application post-program to boost ROI by as much as 2x

Build a Culture of Continuous Learning

Expand your organization’s learning culture with tailored post-program support and peer learning

Cascade Program Learnings into Teams 

Multiply your investment by cascading learning into program participants’ teams

Impact Accelerator Components

The Impact Accelerator combines robust personal leadership diagnostic tools, tailored learning experiences, and meaningful peer interaction to develop leaders who are ready and capable of rapidly executing on their ExecOnline projects.

Tailored Diagnostics

Personal leadership diagnostics

Personal leadership plans

High-Impact Learning Journeys

On-demand, bite-sized videos

Weekly insights tailored to participants’ interests

Team Cascade Kit

Key program concepts distilled
into 1-hour meeting decks

Guidance for sharing lessons
with teams

Live Virtual Peer Coaching

Leaders take turns presenting on key issues, and chairing
bi-monthly sessions

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