Leadership Coaching Plans

ExecOnline provides three tiers of leadership coaching:

  • 5 sessions: Live coaching to target, focus and structure  communications, prepare delivery and practice presentation pitch
  • 2 sessions: Live coaching to prepare delivery and practice presentation pitch
  • 1 session: Live coaching to practice presentation pitch

Who Should Attend

Leaders who are looking to improve their communication and presentation skills. Offering available to individual leaders and ExecOnline alumni.

Helping Leaders Communicate

  • Why is High Impact Coaching Valuable?

    High Impact Coaching enables participants to position a pitch internally to obtain approvals and resources, vet communications so that they are specific and action-oriented, and utilize the tools to transform proposals into visually compelling presentations.

  • Get Real Results from Your Investment

    Senior leaders, whether client facing or technical specialists, face communication performance moments on a regular basis. At the end of the coaching session(s), leaders will have a "pitch ready" presentation for a desired audience, leveraging best practices taught by an expert to raise the impact of the presentation.

  • Coaching Journey Elements

    Participants will have access to an integrated coaching system incorporating live sessions with a dedicated ExecOnline coach and access to online content for continuous development.

High Impact Coaching Experience

  • 1:1 Coaching

    Participants will be paired with an experienced coach. Within the coaching conversations, participants will have the opportunity to explore their critical priorities, be provided guidance to the creation of a presentation, and practice their pitch to key stakeholders.

  • Proprietary Online Content & Diagnostics

    Participants will have access to on-demand videos to help them develop their communication skills and personal leadership skills. To understand personal strengths and style, a Communication Profiles Diagnostic is used and followed by feedback.

  • Learning Activities

    A variety of application exercises will help create a compelling pitch for the end result.

High Impact Coaching is a truly unique and powerful offering to participants. Our team of world class High Impact Coaches accelerate participants' abilities to garner stakeholder support for their initiative, be prepared for high-stakes performance moments, and structure their communications in a manner that motivates their audience to action. All of these skillsets are essential for continued leadership development in all organizations and for leaders at all levels.

Ronald Thompson, Ph.D
Director, Program Design

Featured Experts

  • Joady Gross

    With more than 15 years of experience, Joady is a certified Career and Life Coach, a former Mergers & Acquisitions Manager, and Experienced Commercial Leadership Program Advisor for GE.

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  • Poorni Bid

    Poorni has 14 years of experience in executive and leadership development, including senior management roles at ExecOnline, The Coaches Training Institute (CTI), and the Corporate Executive Board.

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  • Ronald Thompson

    Ronald has held senior operational roles in several industries, including executive education, engineering, and hospitality. He is an Associate Lecturer at the University of Memphis Fogelman College of Business and Economics, University of Memphis.

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  • Lizabeth Czepiel

    Lizabeth has 10 years of experience in senior leadership, learning & development, and diversity & inclusion supporting leaders and learning initiatives across various startups and global organizations.

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How is high impact coaching different from standard coaching?

Most coaching is driven by the “coachee.” It can be very ad hoc and driven by the challenges that person is experiencing that day or week. This is a robust experience with a thoughtful structure in place such that coaches are working with participants around an end goal. After a series of coaching sessions, content access, worksheet templates, and a live event, they will walk away from this experience with a well honed pitch and visual presentation for a high stakes moment in their career.

Will participants practice their pitch with the coaches?

Yes, this is part of the package.

How long is the High Impact Coaching experience?

The experience can be taken in 1, 2, or 5 live session increments. Please contact your account manager to determine what package is best for you. 

How is the experience structured?

High Impact Coaching incorporates live sessions with a dedicated ExecOnline coach, access to online content for continuous development on the ExecOnline platform, as well as a diagnostic and learning activities to practice and development skills. 

Where will participants access High Impact Coaching?

Participants can access the High Impact Coaching content on the ExecOnline platform, which they will receive access to prior to beginning. From the course dashboard, participants can click the dropdown course menu and select “High Impact Coaching”.

Take the Next Step in Your Leadership Career

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